[J-Rock] HYDE x YOSHIKI Collaboration at VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016

  Just this weekend, HYDE and Yoshiki of legendary rock bands L’Arc~en~Ciel and Japan collaborated at the VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016. The two rock icons graced the stage together (bless) with Yoshiki looking impeccable in his white suit, and of … Continue reading

[J-Rock] Yoshiki escapes unharmed after being mobbed by fans in Kyoto bookstore

X Japan’s Yoshiki visited a Kyoto bookstore on Tuesday to greet fans and talk about the new book “YOSHIKI”, a non-fiction tale of his dramatic near-death written by Narumi Komatsu.

Having arrived in Kyoto for other work, he proposed the idea of an appearance the night before, deciding on a surprise visit to Ogaki Bookstore in Karasuma. Despite the fact that the visit was only announced on Yoshiki’s website, over 300 fans had appeared by 7:30 a.m. that morning to greet the star.

The store had posted 20 security guards on crowd control for Yoshiki’s visit. When the Mercedes-Benz carrying the star arrived just after noon, fans screamed in excitement, some with tears in their eyes. Yoshiki was accidentally crushed by a group of swarming fans, and sources say he escaped with sprained fingers on his right hand. He was inside just long enough to sign the shop’s poster for the book, but for about three minutes, his presence turned what is normally a quiet book store into a whirlwind of excitement similar to an X Japan concert.

“I’m really happy. We’ve been doing shows here since before our debut, and Kansai is like a second home to me,” he said. When asked about playing concerts in the region, Yoshiki announced, “It’s a definite possibility. Things have already started to move, and if all goes well, it might happen some time this year.” Regarding the location, he commented, “I’d definitely want a stage built that won’t shake.”

Will Kansai fans get to see the “X Jump” on the same scale as Tokyo Dome?!

Japan Today

[J-Rock/Mandopop] Jiro Wang loves X Japan; rushes to Japan to see them for the first time

Source: China Times
Translated by catalie @ asianfanatics

Fahrenheit’s Jiro Wang (Da Dong) loves Japanese visual kei band X Japan and specially rushed over to Tokyo Dome to see his idols. Seeing his favourite guitarist Hide, who has passed away, on the big screen, caused him to cry very emotionally. In the end, he met band leader Yoshiki at the afterparty which was an even more exciting experience for him!

Asks for time off work to meet the idols in his heart

In his heart, X Japan are Da Dong’s idols, when he heard that X Japan were coming to Taiwan for a concert on May 30, he immediately asked his company for time off work so he could see his idols live. He didn’t expect that on the day, Fahrenheit was arranged to go to Malaysia to promote and the date couldn’t be changed. Da Dong was very disappointed but later found out that X Japan were performing at Tokyo Dome, without hesitation, he asked his company for time off and flew straight to Japan!

Seeing two of his idols, he experienced both grief and happiness

Da Dong said, “I was really super excited to be able to see my idols perform in the place they grew up in.” Being able to see X Japan after waiting for so long already, exclaiming that it had definitely been worth coming. Especially when Hide the guitarist who had passed away after committing suicide, appeared on the big screen at the concert, Da Dong couldn’t help but cry saying, “It almost feels like Hide is still here.”

Also, he was lucky enough to meet one of the companies that was sponsoring X Japan’s concert in Taiwan who invited him to the after party where he got to meet band leader Yoshiki in person. The very happy Da Dong didn’t forget his role as Taiwan’s tourism ambassador, taking initiative to introduce Yoshiki to Taiwan, also adding that if he needed someone to accompany him, Da Dong would be available whenever, completely forgetting that he had to go to Malaysia to promote.

Running around Tokyo completely depending on his two feet

Da Dong also took this opportunity to travel around Tokyo however, he decided to travel the streets of Tokyo the more difficult, thrifty way, only relying on his two feet. Trying to save on train and taxi fares as much as possible, he said, “Japan’s air is very fresh so I decided to walk more and take in the fresh air.” Walking requires lots of energy which he got from eating lots of barbecued food, did he do any shopping? Da Dong said, “It was okay, I only bought some clothes.” Sure enough he’s quite controlled.

[J-Rock] Yoshiki spends night out with Zhang Ziyi

Yoshiki of rock band X Japan is said to have been out on an “all-night date” with Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi. According to newspapers, the two shared a meal together on Wednesday night.

Yoshiki attended an event for the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne on Friday, where he was given the title of Chevalier. During the event, he was asked by reporters about his date with Zhang. He acknowledged that they had eaten together and ended up drinking until the morning. However, he clarified that they are just friends, and that they weren’t alone as they watched a concert DVD.


[J-Rock] X Japan set off once again on their world tour

Source: UDN
Translated by catalie @ asianfanatics

From May 2, Japanese visual kei band X Japan performed held concerts for two consecutive nights at Tokyo Dome. After many ups and downs, they are touring the world this year; on the day marking the anniversary of band member Hide’s death and along with Vivian Hsu’s formerly rumoured boyfriend Sugizo, the six of them made a meaningful comeback.

On May 2 1998, Hide suddenly passed away and X Japan did not reunite until 2007. March last year, they held three “recovery” concerts, on May 4 Hide’s memorial concert and on December 31 a New Year’s Eve concert “Return to First Heart” and tickets were sold out within seconds after sales started. At the concert, they used high-tech 3D and film-editting that made it feel like Hide was there with everyone, they couldn’t help reminiscing.

For two nights, the six members of X Japan gave a 3.5 hour outstanding performance full of tacit understanding in front of a total of 110,000 fans. Besides singing their new song , Toshi yelled promisingly, “We wanna keep singing!”

Jiro Wang and Makiyo made it to the concert, Jiro even watched both shows. At the afterparty, he became a fan [rather than an artist]; he was very excited, talking to Yoshiki and also taking a photo with him. On May 3, the second night, Utada Hikaru’s ex-husband Director Kazuaki Kiriya also came to enjoy the concert.

X Japan will be bringing their same, original concert to Taipei. Not only will they have Asia’s current largest LED screen, they’ll be bringing floating, revoloving stage where the drums and keyboard are played, as well as two enormous visual kei kitties “yoshikitty”, a special collaboration between Yoshiki and Hello Kitty When they were singing “Orgasm”, yoshikitty suddenly floated into the crowd, with her visual kei hairstyle, jacket marked with an X and crucifix necklace, all the fans exclaimed that they wanted to take one home.

When tickets for the Taiwan concert go on sale, 10 lucky fans will get to see X Japan’s concert at Tokyo Dome for free, as well as shake hands and take photos with the band members at the afterparty.

[J-Rock] Sugizo becomes X JAPAN’s 6th member!

Sugizo becomes X Japan’s 6th member!!!

According to JaME USA and X Japan’s official website, SKIN, Juno Reactor and Luna Sea guitarist Sugizo is going to be the 6th member of the legendary J-Rock band! Quoting from his blog entry, he said “Right now, X JAPAN requires SUGIZO as its sixth member, and I want to respectfully fulfill their needs.”

Sugizo is in a “difficult” position right now, in terms of position, because he’s filling in the position of the late hide.

[J-Rock] X Japan denies Heath’s departure

In response to recent reports that X Japan bassist HEATH has left the band, the group’s production management committee has publicly stated that the news is not true. The committee acknowledged that HEATH had proposed his own departure, but they said that nothing has been approved.

The committee reaffirmed that the band’s Tokyo Dome concerts on May 2-3 will go on as planned. They said that leader Yoshiki has no intention of making HEATH leave the band, and they also denied that there is talk of recruiting a substitute bassist for the shows.