SHINee is here….

But I’m here in the house, supposedly doing something productive. And then we have people all over the social media updating about the KPOP REPUBLIC concert blow-by-blow.  It seems that EXO-K is up first. Now.

I’ve been following SHINee since the day they debuted with the MV of “Noona Neomu Yeppeo,” so I’m quite devastated right now. I would’ve gone to that damn concert if it were their solo show. I just can’t imagine myself sitting through more than five performances from the other groups.

Have a great show, guys! I hope you come back here soon.

And oh, my sister who’s currently watching the concert just texted me that the DREAM KPOP CONCERT 2014 will be in May.

[K-Pop] KPOP REPUBLIC Concert featuring SHINee in the Philippines

[K-Pop] KPOP REPUBLIC Concert featuring SHINee in the Philippines

As much as I am stoked to see SHINee, since I’ve been a fan starting from their very first day in the music scene….. They’re gonna share the same stage with relatively new groups that I don’t even follow, namely … Continue reading

[Event] SHINee Overload Album Launch

Didn’t I just say that fandom events are prevalent during summer vacation? Here’s a treat for K-Pop fans: The SHINee Overload Album Launch, which will be on 13 April 2013, as well, at the SM Megamall!

Good luck to the Japanese and Korean fangirls and boys that will clash in the event! Non-fans should stay from Megamall on the 13th, I swear. They’re not gonna enjoy the crowd 😛

For more information on the album launch, head over to this link:

Source: Philippine KPOP Convention Facebook page

[K-Pop] New SM Town album! ^_^

SMTown’s summer album ‘09 SUMMER SMTOWN’ will be released coming 14th August.

After 2 years since SM Town released their last summer album in 2007, they are back to release a new summer album. This time 3 teams from SM Entertainment has participated in the album – Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior and SHINee. And the title song will be ‘Seaside Resting Area’ and will altogether include 4 songs.

Other songs from the album will be ‘12.34′, a song with medium tempo, by Dong Bang Shin Ki, ‘Carnival’ by Super Junior first revealed during their Super Show II concert. Ann also powerful dance song ‘Scar’ by SHINee.

The album will be released on Melon, Dosirak, Soribada etc from 11th August. And the title song will be revealed first, then on 12th August Shinee’s ‘Scar’ will be revealed, Suju’s ‘Carnival’ to be revealed on 13th and DBSK’s ‘12.34′ to be revealed on 14th August.


[K-Pop] SNSD’s Jessica & SHINee’s Onew Performed “One Year Later” at Music Core

On MBC Music Core yesterday (August 1), SHINee’s Onew and SNSD’s Jessica had a duet performance. The pair sang “One Year Later”, a song from SNSD’s 2nd mini album, which is about a couple that broke up and ends up seeing each other again after a year.

I personally loved the performance. I don’t like Jessica that much, but here I made an exception. Her voice didn’t sound THAT nasally in this perf and pulled it off well ^_^ Onew is amazing as ever – vocals wise. Gotta love that ^_^

It’s also a good thing that Soshified subbed this ’cause I get to read the translation of the song. It’s so heart-warming. Watch it, guys! ^_^

[K-Pop/J-Pop] SHINee for Japanese debut with cover album ‘Romeo’

It has been know earlier this year that SM youngest boyband SHINee will be making their Japanese debut this year, just like how their seniors Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior did.

It has been known that SHINee’s Japanese debut album ‘Romeo’ will be a cover album of their previous Korean album ‘Romeo’ and is set to be released on 29th July.

As posted on their official Japanese site, here is the album tracklist.
‘Romeo’ Japanese album

01. 君が気に入ったんだ 【TALK TO YOU】
02. ジュリエット 【JULIETTE】
03. いっそのこと殴ってくれ 【HIT ME】
04. セニョリータ 【SENORITA】
05. 寝言 【PLEASE,DON’T GO】
06. 少年、少女に出逢う 【ROMEO+JULIETTE】

01. ジュリエット【JULIETTE】 Music Video

There are also plans for SHINee to visit Japan for the first time on August 10th and there will also be an event at the Nigano Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo. They will also be doing events for their CD release in Japan.

source: kbites

[K-Pop][Music Core] SNSD & SHINee Dance Cut + SNSD Genie

Guys, sorry if I’m slacking off in updating this blog lately. It’s because I was busy with school works. Anyhoo, I still appreciate your visits and comments 🙂  I’ll continue to update this XD

Having said that, here’s SNSD’s Music Core guesting yesterday, July 25, 2009.  You can see in the vids that the SNSD girls are SOOOOO TIRED!  T_T  It’s not a really good perf. Taeyeon’s not even smiling. But hey,watch the SHINee-SNSD Dance Cut! Now that’s HOT!

SNSD vs SHINee Dance Cut

SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

Thanks to my friend, Tim Ang (Kenneth) for the heads up!