[J-Pop] MISIA new single “Ginga/Itsumademo” out on 06.10.09

MISIA is back from her 1st Asian Tour, and is going to release her 22nd single “Ginga/Itsumademo” on the 10th of June. The single’s title is “Ginga/Itsumademo.”  The b-side track is “Sukoshizutsu Taisetsu ni”.

Credits to CD Japan.

[J-Pop] Lyricist Sonoda arrested for drugs

Lyricist Ryoji Sonoda (33) was arrested on Monday for the use of illegal stimulants, it has been learned. Police from Tokyo’s Azabu ward stated that Sonoda’s urine test turned up positive for the drug. He is also said to have admitted to the crime.

Sonoda has written lyrics for many hit songs by top artists such as SMAP, BoA, TVXQ, and MISIA.