[2016] Week 32 Eats, Reads, Beats, Pokemon Go, and Other Good Stuff

The first week of August surprised me in a really good way. Before I start with my usual Eats, Beats, Reads for the week, let me start with something ~work~ related. Yes, you read that right – work! Last week … Continue reading

[Event] The Sixth Asian Conference on Cultural Studies

The reason why I was out of the country on the first two weeks of June was because I delivered two paper presentations in international conferences in Japan. This venture was my first time to present my finished papers, so … Continue reading

[Feature] That Thing Called Fangirling

Last 31 March 2016, I was invited as a speaker at the “FANGIRL NO MORE? FANBOY NO MORE? A Fan’s Life at Adulthood, an Alternative Classroom Learning Experience” held at the University of the Philippines Diliman. The event was organized … Continue reading

Just Missing TVXQ

I’ve been doing Dong Bang Shin Ki throwbacks lately, then realized last night that it was because 2016 marks my 10th year as a KPOP fan – most especially as a BoA and DBSK fan.

I miss those days when these two acts dominated both JPOP and KPOP and had set a standard so high, specifically in terms of live performances and language proficiency, that its hard for me to fangirl any other groups and solo artists in KPOP at present.

In a generation where more and more KPOP artists are debuting, and newer and younger fans no longer have any clue who these legends are, I will keep talking about their legacy.

BoA and DB5K forever. ❤

[EVENT] 10th Seoul Girls Collection Super Live in Manila!

My ticket number for the live is #12! 🙂 I am going to see my dearest idol, BoA, up close! ❤ Press release from Pulp Magazine: SGC SUPER LIVE Asia tour coming this November. Collaboration show with Korean wave top … Continue reading

Tumblr Account! :)

2 days ago, after months of neglect, I finally updated/used my Tumblr account. 🙂 But that doesn’t mean that I will not be using my wordpress anymore. I’ll just be there to spazz and spam some photos and other what-nots about my fandoms.

What fandoms? Almost everything about Japan — anime/manga, Final Fantasy, J-Pop, J-Rock (mostly Hyde and L’Arc~en~Ciel), Visual Kei, Jdramas, and the likes.  What else? KPOP & CPOP! 🙂

So if you want to spam and spazz with me over there, just go ahead and visit my site: laraceres14.tumblr.com   ^_^

Mata ne! 🙂