[K-Pop] 2NE1 to have special debut!

Group 2NE1 will have a special debut.

With their upcoming debut in May, it is said that ‘female Big Bang‘ 2NE1 will debut via a special method/channel. And their company YG Entertainment is currently working this top secret debut method.

A YG representative said on the 20th, “2NE1 will have a special debut, different what from normally groups or singers will do. We still cannot reveal much about their debut yet.”

Already, the group has received great popularity with their collboration with Big Bang on the CM song ‘Lollipop’. With the effect of group Big Bang working for them, it is said that this group will be one of the best newcomer group of 2009.

And now, with a special debut way planned for them, more attention will be put on this newcomer group.

Meanwhile, the song ‘Lollipop’ is hogging the #1 positions on various music charts. Not only that, the song is also doing very well winning the #1 positions on various caller ringtone and bell song charts – one of the most successful CM songs released.

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[K-Pop] Jonghyun graduates from High School

Jonghyun has graduated from School of Music with a Honorary Degree, meaning his school decided to waive certain graduation requirements due to his busy schedule.

Since second year in middle school, it has been Jonghyun’s dream to be a singer and major in music to grow as an artist.

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[K-Pop] Younha comes back to Korea with a new song, album, and image! ^_^

South Korea musician Younha, also known as the “Oricon Comet”, will now return to Korea, after doing her activities in Japan.

For her comeback, she will release her third Korean album, which is entitled “Peace Love and Ice Cream.”  The title track for that song is “1,2,3”. There had been teasers for her new music video of that song, however, youtube removed itdue to copyright reasons.  Let’s just wait for the full MV.

With a brand new song and brand new album to present, Younha also changed her image from a rocker image to a loevely girl image.  I posted an article about that, a few days ago.

Catch also her first movie! ^_^

Here’s a download link for her new song “1,2,3.”  Leave at least a “thank you” comment every time you download anything from my site.  Domo ^_^

dlink: http://www.sendspace.com/file/iy62jq

[K-Pop] Government Appeals to Define TVXQ’s Song ‘Lewd’

Asian pop sensation TVXQ’s song “Mirotic” is under scrutiny once again as regulators are set to determine whether the phrase “I got you under my skin” is lewd.

The Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs said Thursday that it will appeal to a high court against a local court’s scrapping the song from “harmful material for youth list”. The Youth Protection Committee, under the ministry, held an emergency meeting the same day and confirmed that the lyrics were inappropriate for teenagers to listen to.

The decision comes after the Seoul Administrative Court ruled the committee had to rescind its order to the group to change some of the lyrics when singing on stage and put stickers on CDs indicating the album was banned from sale to those under 19.

The committee said last November that the song was harmful to the young since its lyrics, “You want me, you give yourself up to me, you’re mad at me” and “I got you under my skin”, may imply sexual acts.

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[K-Pop] Big Bang & 2NE1’s Lollipop Re-edit MV (DOWNLOAD LINK ADDED!)

The re-edited version of Big Bang & 2nE1’s Lollipop  music video is already out!  There are more close ups of the members here, especially Sandara. Check it out!

Download the video here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/m8x9bb

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[K-Pop] Super Junior Interview

Original article: http://sj-market.com/bbs/zboard.php?id=data&page=1&sn1=&divpage=2&sn=on&ss=on&sc=on&select_arrange=headnum&desc=asc&no=10121

translated by evanesco@sj-world

credits to DOLCE @ AF

1. Leeteuk

Q : Since you’re SJ’s leader, surely you have been very tired, can you tell something about this ?
A : I’m leader but there hasn’t been any especially hard time at all. I hve spent a long time to train with the other members so we can understand each other and know the others’ feeling easily just by looking into each other’ eyes. The others dongseang are very good, we’re different in age but we’re like real brothers and family. Actually rather than having hard time, I feel sad/pity because as a leader, I should make the speech at the award ceremony or music show but I’m often shedding tears so I can’t finish my speech at all. Not long ago, when we got No.1 on music bank, I cried so hard that I barely finished my speech. I even couldn’t stop crying when we performed the encore.

Q : There was an article about your white syndrome, surely the fans are very curious about this
A : There were so many people wondering about this after the show had been aired. I don’t have a white syndrome, I just like white stuff like clothes, furniture, accessories…It seems that I only feel comfortable if I can see white around me.

2. Eunhyuk

Q : Can you tell us about the title song “Sorry sorry” and its choreography?
A : “Sory sorry” is a trendy dance song and we want to show everybody Super Junior’s own color and charm. I hope people will like the song after listening to it just once, can sing along to the song and feel good & comfortable when listening to it. This time, Sorry sorry’s choreography is created by a world-wide famous choreographer Nick Bass, with the harmony of the group dancing and every member’s movement will make a polished and energetic performance. In addition, we will continuously change our formation during the whole song so please watch out our choreography.

Q : 10 years later I will become………..? Do you have that image in your head ?
A : I don’t have the clear image of me 10 years later, but I still want to be a singer as well as active in various fields, and I might be married then ^^

3. Hankyung

Q : Which is the most difficult thing when you prepared for this album ?
A : We prepared for this album while SJM still had activities in China so we had to go between China and Korea. Therefore, I felt a bit tired. But all the members had motivation for the 3rd album, we had worked hard for this album and put in many ideas. Actually, it was quite hard that we all wanted the album to be released soon.

Q : What have you gained and lost after you joined in Super Junior ? And the reason ?
A : It seems that I didn’t lose anything after I became Super Junior’s member. Although I don’t have time for myself I’m grateful that I have gained a lot of things like the other members that I can call them my family, brothers, and the love & support from all the Asian fans are the biggest present I have ever received.

4. Yesung

Q : Can you give some advice for all the trainees who keep the dream of becoming a singer like you ?
A : Once you want to begin, you have to be sure that you really want to do it, you have to think carefully because it’s not wonderful like you always imagine. During the training period, you’ll have to do both practicing and studying so it’s very tiring, you’ll have to work very hard and it will take you a lot of time. But even while you are making your dream come true, there will be time that you’ll suffer a slump and there will be many hard times, but you shouldn’t forget a truth: that chance always come to those who work hard and never give up.

Q : What do you think is the charm of Super Junior’s vocal line (Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Yesung) ?
A : All the 4 members have their own voices’ charm. Ryeowook has a beautiful voice, Kyuhyun has a sweet voice, Sungmin has a sweet and tender voice and I have a husky voice. It’s not only 4 members but also the others have their own voices’ charm so we are given the lines up to the style of the song. Therefore, we can show the different feelings of the songs.

5. Ryeowook

Q : Your preparation of the 3rd album is seems to be diffirent from the others, how did you get the determination ?
A : Since we were busy with unit and individual activities so we were determined to get together again and begin to prepare for Super Junior’s new album. There was so a lot of anxiety since we come back after such a long time but because people support the 3rd album alot and give us a lot of love so we feel very happy.

Q : Which song do you think is the most perfect in this album and the reason ?
A : In fact I’ve listened to the other members’ opinion about 3rd album, I also listened to all the songs when choosing and recording them. Therefore, all the songs are in my heart now and it’s very hard to choose the most perfect song. But beside the title song, I think it’s the 4th track “Angela”, we had changeed the lyrics and the vocal so many times when recording this song, if you listen to this song, you will feel good and love it.

6. Kyuhyun

Q : You joined in later than the other members, so how was the adaptation, is there any difficulty ?
A : Although I joined in late, but since I’m the youngest so hyungs always take care of me and thanks to them so I didnt have any difficulty

Q : What is goal of the 3rd album ?
A : I hope people will recognize Super Junior by our music. Because our members have so much talent so we appeared on many variety shows and have received a lot of love. But by this album, we want people to know us as singers, I also want that we’ll have a cheerful & funny image but still cool and serious.

7. Sungmin

Q : Is there any country in Asia that you especially want to have activities in ?
A : Besides having unit-group Super Junior M in China, there is not country that we actually have full time activities. In fact, we’re so busy with activities in Korea so we can just go to Japan and Thailand sometimes for promotion, we cant be active there. But whenever we went to there, the fans always warmly welcome us, give us a lot of love so we’re grateful.

Q : What training did you received to become a singer ?
A : Before debut we had vocal training, dancing lession, acting lession, we received many training about everything, after debut we focused on vocal training. The person who want to learn acting will learn acting. I’m majored in Musical at my university because I like to be able to perform on stage.

8. Kangin

Q : You have received a lot of help from the senior musicians for this album, so how was the work ?
A : Yoo Youngseok sunbaenim and FTTS’s Hwanhee sunbaenim have attended to record this album. Yoo Youngseok sunbaenim’s “Shining star” and Hwanhee sunbaenim’s “Let’s not” are the gift songs for us. We’re grateful that we had received a lot of advice, praise and encouragement from them when recording this album. Our 3rd album is more abundant because of them.

Q : Which is the most difficult thing because you’re an idol ?
A : There is not an extremely difficult thing because I’m an idol. Recently, Idol star do not only have fans in 10’s but also receive love and recognition from people who are in 30’s & 40’s. Also, from Super Junior’s debut up to now, I have showed people a lot of image so I’ve heard “You dont look like an idol” a lot. Therefore, I dont have to suffer from qualifying myself for the word “Idol” ^^

9. Shindong

Q : You’ve showed a perfect image in “Sorry sorry”
A : In fact I always have a comic image in people’s eyes so I wondered how to make people accept this image. But fortunately there are so many cool people around me so I can work more hard. I also keep myself from not gaining weight ^^

Q : From the trainee time to now, is there any hard time and unforgettable story ?
A : In fact my trainee period is shorter than the others’. It’s interesting that I can learn many things after I was accepted to SM. And an unforgettable story is the first time I went to the company, I and DBSG could see the other stars in person, I was very proud of it with my friends ^^

10. Heechul

Q : Did you feel worry that while you prepared for the album, SNSD were received a lot of love ?
A : Rather than worry, I felt very good. SNSD are like my close and cute dongsaeng, Also I had a good presentiment about “Gee” so after seeing that people loved it, I feel very good.

Q : When are the time that you like most and hate most about the fans ?
A : I always feel grateful to the fans. Thanks for always supporting us. Before the 3rd album is out, the fans even made the teaser poster themselves and showed their enthusiasm. In fact there wasnt anytime that I hate the fans, but sometimes there are some people who called me during the night or find out dorm and interrupt our personal time.

11. Donghae

Q : Which is your most attracted song in this 3rd album and the reason ?
A : Besides “Sorry sorry”, there are many other attracted songs. But If I have to choose once, I will choose “Reset”. Although I like all the songs in the album but “Reset” is always my favorite style of song. The melody is sweet, if you listen to it you will like it.

Q : Is there any hard time while you’re in Super Junior ?
A : There is not any extremely tired or stress time while I’m in Super Junior. We always look forward to prepare a new album/performance. We even couldnt sleep while preparing for this 3rd album because of uneasy and anxiety.

12. Shiwon

Q : Is there any time that you are jealous with the other members ?
A : The other members have many talents and when they showed their ability, I have been jealous with them sometimes. Teukie hyung is very good at talking, Shindong hyung is very witty and can make the atmosphere brighter. ^^ There are so many things from the others that I’m jealous with and also want to learn.

Q : Is there any preconception from fans about Super Junior ?
A : There is not any preconception, Super Junior always show a good and funny image when we’re on the variety shows ^^ although we like the bright image but we want to show our own style of music in the 3rd album. Rather than a bright and cheerful image, we want to show a cool and serious image on the stage, we had worked hard for out music, dance and concept. Fortunately, many people like our change this time and we’re grateful because of that.

13. Kibum

Q : What is your thanks to Super Junior’s members ?
A : In fact I’m not good at express my feeling, I always have the thanks to in my heart but I cant say it directly to the person. From the past and until now ~ thanks for always understanding and caring about me

Q : Is there any member in Super Junior who is considered the most trustful member ?
A : It’s always Teukie hyung. We have so many members, many thought, many opinions but he tolerated us very well and lead us very well. He’s such the best leader !!!

[K-Pop] Big Bang and 2NE1’s Lollipop MV

I finally saw the music vid of Big Bang and 2NE1’s “Lollipop”, which was used as the theme song of their LG Cyon commercial.

I was excited to see how Sandara would sing here, but unfortunately, I was not amazed because their voices here are edited. Same thing that happened during her “In Or Out” days.  I wanna see how much she has improved.

Oh well, as for the song, I already posted a download link for that, days ago. So if you guys want to download it, just click on my Downloads category on the right ^_^