[Event] Communicating with Cool Japan: New International Perspectives on Japanese Popular Culture

Four days after presenting in Kobe, I travelled to Tokyo with my grad school friend and sister to deliver another paper at Waseda University. Entitled, “Communicating with Cool Japan: New International Perspectives on Japanese Popular Culture,” the preconference organized by … Continue reading

Tumblr Account! :)

2 days ago, after months of neglect, I finally updated/used my Tumblr account. 🙂 But that doesn’t mean that I will not be using my wordpress anymore. I’ll just be there to spazz and spam some photos and other what-nots about my fandoms.

What fandoms? Almost everything about Japan — anime/manga, Final Fantasy, J-Pop, J-Rock (mostly Hyde and L’Arc~en~Ciel), Visual Kei, Jdramas, and the likes.  What else? KPOP & CPOP! 🙂

So if you want to spam and spazz with me over there, just go ahead and visit my site: laraceres14.tumblr.com   ^_^

Mata ne! 🙂

[Anime/Hollywood] Fruits Basket to become A Hollywood Live-Action Movie

A popular Shōjo manga titled Fruits Basket is currently under the planning stages of becoming a live-action Hollywood movie. The movie would be produced by Joshua Long from 1212 Entertainment, he’s known for his work on the Cowboy Bebop movie with Keanu Reeves. Beyond that, not much information was released but one of the officials from ULTIMO SPALPEEN shared some additional information on twitter. They wrote, “The Fruit Basket movie is planned to be more realistic than the manga/anime version. So the scenes where Toru (main character) sleeping in the tent in volume 1 will not be used in the movie scene.”

source: aramatheydidnt@lj

[Anime Review] La Corda D’Oro ~second passo~ Episode 2! ^_^

DISCLAIMER: I am not anti-Kaji. Just anti-Kaho XD

Last March 26, the first episode of the much-awaited second season of the ultimate reverse harem anime “La Corda D’Oro” was aired.  Sadly, it took the creators three long months to release the second episode. The second episode was aired last June 5 and was subbed as early as June 6. So, yeah, you guys can watch it at any anime site now.

In the first episode, a new character was introduced. His name is Aoi Kaji. He’s an ex-violin player who transferred to Seisou Academy eversince he saw Hino playing the violin in a park, in which he said that he was moved by her music. What a lame reason.  And since he’s new, I think that it’s quite understandable why the second episode’s focus is all about him – his past, thoughts about playing the instrument, insecurities, etc.

It’s actually amusing for me to know that he’s insecure with Len’s skill in playing the violin. Haha. But I think that it’s stupid for him to quit the violin because of that. Forgive me Kaji fans, I hate quitters. Other than that, I hated him when he decided to play in the ensemble of hot guys + Fuyumi-chan. Why? Because his cheesiness towards Kaho sickened me. The line “Your music still resonates in my heart” sucks big time. Don’t blame it on me, though, I might have enjoyed it if it was Len who said it. But what the heck, it’s still cheesy. Hehe.

There are only very few scenes which I liked in this episode. I pretty much despise 75% of it, actually. Why? Because Len’s screen time is way too short! I don’t know, maybe I just got annoyed for waiting three long months then see Len for just five minutes? Hehe. It actually took them long enough to feature him. His first appearance was on the twelfth minute and 12 seconds, and it only lasted for two minutes.  Talk about SHORT.  And his succeeding appearances were even shorter than that. >_<  Now how could I possibly enjoy it? XD


What else?  Another thing I liked about this episode was that Ryoutarou Tsuchiura’s a hottie once again! ^_^  I was disappointed at the first episode because he somewhat lost his appeal. But what the heck, he’s hot again!  And his first screen time in this episode was a scene of him playing the soccer. Imagine that! Hot! XD

Honestly though, the only moments when I felt “kilig” were when during the Kaji x Ryoutarou and Kaji x Len moments. Haha. XD  It actually crossed my mind if the series would be better if it wereyaoi instead. XP Okay, scratch that last part.


So all in all, I didn’t love the episode. But it’s still a much watch for all you reverse harem fans like me. XD

The screenshots were all taken from my friends’ blog. If you want more screenshots/pics of the bishies, just go to their sites: shikimic.wordpress.com  and  jayeannev.wordpress.com

Yoroshiku ^_^

[Anime/Manga/Live-Action] Fox in Talks for Live-Action Japanese Paradise Kiss Film

The Fox International production company is negotiating to adapt Ai Yazawa’s Paradise Kiss fashion and romance manga into a Japanese-language, live-action film. The story centers around a high school student named Yukari who is discovered by “Paradise Kiss,” a group of up-and-coming fashion school students. The students transform Yukari into a fashion model, and she discovers a new passion for a future career and potential romance in her personal life.

Fox International is working with Japan’s IMJ production company to produce the film with a budget of US$3 million to US$4 million. The publisher Shodensha sold 6 million copies of the original manga.

Tokyopop began publishing the original manga in North America in 2001. An television anime version aired in Japan in 2005. Geneon Entertainment (USA) licensed the anime for North America, although Funimation is releasing the anime in DVD box sets now. Yazawa also created NANA, which was adapted into two hit live-action films and an television anime series.

Anime News Network

[Anime/Manga Review] Special A (S.A.)

I remember posting an entry here about Special A (SA) before, but since the manga has finally ended, I might as well write about it once more.

Plot (from Wiki):

Hikari Hanazono has always been second to Kei Takishima. When they were six years old, their pro-wrestling loving fathers introduced them to each other. Assuming that she was the best in wrestling, young Hikari challenged Kei to a wrestling match only to be thoroughly defeated by him. Ever since that fateful incident, Hikari swore to beat Kei in school grades, sporting events or any competition. To do this, she has enrolled in the same school as Kei since elementary. Now she attends Hakusenkan, an ultra elite school, that costs her carpenter father a lot of money. Hikari and Kei are the top two students in the school, with Kei holding firmly to that number one position. While Hikari considers Kei to be a rival and important friend, she is completely unaware that Kei loves her. The story primarily focuses on Hikari and her constant attempts to defeat her one and only rival, Kei, and how she finds love in their rivalry.

I first got into the Anime version of this because of my junior in highschool, Joselle. She recommended this to me and even told me that I will definitely like it because it’s similar to the anime  Ouran.  So I immediately gave it a go.

It actually went beyond my expectations because it’s not just similar to Ouran per se, but it also has Kare Kano elements in it in terms of the main characters competing to be the top student in their school. The main characters Kei Takishima and Hikari Hanazono look so much better in the manga, though. In the manga, Kei is LOVE. ❤

So what made me like it to pieces?

Basically, I liked it because of the events that happen in the story. I know that others may think of this as your typical shoujo manga (well, it is). However, the scenes/events that you see here are unexpected. You know, something that you don’t usually see in typical shoujo mangas. I always find myself guessing what will happen at the next chapter because of that.

I only became disappointed with the ending >_<  I thought that the creator would give one explosive ending, but she didn’t. It was ordinary. So much for the anticipation… but I still like it nonetheless. It was satisying at least.

I also liked the values that were shown and said all throughout the manga. Since I’m the type of person who loves to jot down quotable quotes, well I’ve written a lot from SA. I guess that it so because the story revolves around the lives of the 7 main characters who are in their teens. I can relate to them.

What else? The scenes here are very touching. My forummates and I especially enjoyed Akira and Tadashi’s episode. I don’t know, it’s probably because I personally believe that your first love is the most precious and memorable love that’s going to enter your life. And that goes for Akira and Tadashi’s case. They’ve liked each other since they were kids, but they always end up denying and hiding their feelings for each other.  When Akira finally confronts Tadashi, their childhood experience comes flashing back, bringing in more touching scenes.

TadashiandAkira5.png Special A Tadashi and Akira image by zomgspongelolbob
TadashiandAkira4.png Special A Tadashi and Akira image by zomgspongelolbob
TadashiandAkira2.png Special A Tadashi and Akira image by zomgspongelolbob

Plus points for Tadashi for finally saying something sensible :p

The other pair that I liked is the Megumi-Yahiro pairing.

YahiroandMegumi2.png Yahiro and Megumi image by _Flooze_

Yahiro is the bad guy in the series. Well, misunderstood bad guy actually. He likes Akira ever since they were kids. But Akira dislikes him. Megumi doesn’t like Yahiro in the beginning, but when she discovers how melancholic Yahiro’s life is, she then consciously felt that she cares a lot about him.

My favorite pairing, of course, is the Kei Takishima and Hikari Hanazono pairing. They’re the main characters here, and we’ve seen and read how much Kei loves the thick-headed and overly dense Hikari.

Hikari is your typical heroine that you’d love to hate.  She’s stupid, clumsy, acts on impulse, dense, stubborn, and utterly annoying. She’s the best female student in their school, the second over-all (next to Kei), but it’s not that obvious based on her idiotic actions. But hey, she’s pretty, kind-hearted, hardworking, and strong. At least she’s got those traits and Kei loves her for that.

Kei Takishima, on the other hand, is your ideal boyfriend. He’s extremely good-looking, sexy, hot, simple, rich, athletic, and intelligent. Simply put, he’s perfect. He does things perfectly without  sweating. He’s immensely in love with Hikari eversince their childhood days.


One of my fave scenes in the manga! Chapter 42 – page 22 onwards :p

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Kyaaaa~ Come on, who doesn’t like fanservice? ^_^  Hehe.

So, what do I want to point out?  Special A is highly recommendable to all shoujo manga lovers out there! ^_^  I have so many good things to say about SA, but I’m getting lazy now, so I’ll end this right away. Hehe. 🙂  Just sharing the love. 😀

Manga scanlations credit to mangafox.com and onemanga.com ^_^

[Manga] Kimi ni Todoke being adapted into an Anime and J-Drama

English Title: Reaching You

Mangaka: Shiina Karuho

Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, School life, Romance

 Almost no one in Kuronuma Sawako’s school know her real name. Instead, she’s known as “Sadako” because of her pitch black hair and pale skin. That’s why her classmates are afraid of her and she can’t make friends with them. She wants to be like her idol, Kazehaya-kun, who for her is a refreshing guy and friendly to all.


–taken from shikimic.wordpress.com

Hehe, sorry Eury-san, I got lazy so I just copied it from your site.  ^_^

This one of my favorite mangas… It’s your typical shoujo manga in which the guy is popular, while the girl is not, but somehow they end up getting close to each other. Hehe.  But what the heck, I enjoy it a lot 🙂

I’m soooo happy because there will be an anime version of this one this summer (in Japan). And what much surprised me is that it will also be adapted into a live-action drama!  And guess what? Kazehaya is going to played by YamaPi, while Sawako will be played by Aragaki Yui! >_<  Those are still tentative, though. However, thinking about it excites me. Hehe.  Can’t wait for further info about this.

I have to credit my forummates for informing me about these ^_^