[2016] Week 29 Good Stuff: Korean Buffets, Japanese Food, Book Sale, Strawberry Taho

When I think of the happenings last week, what stand out in my head are Korean buffets. I have come to love Korean food when me and my grad school friends went to the Land of BoA last year and … Continue reading

[K-Pop/Event] BoA’s 13th Anniversary


Photo credit to Ate Lexie Nino for BoA Philippines

August 25, 2013 just marked BoA’s 13th year in the entertainment industry. To commemorate our favorite idol’s 13-year career, I went out with friends for a mini-get-together on August 24. We had a dinner date at Don Day in Quezon Avenue, and I swear that I’ve never eaten so much Korean food in my life. Let alone really enjoy it! It rained heavily on the way home; we were drenched by the time we got to the MRT station afterwards, but I totally didn’t mind. No really, BoA, the things we do for you.

Happy 13th Anniversary, BoA! Here’s to more years of being a loyal Jumping! 🙂



Photo credit to Ate Joana Cinco