[C-Pop] A Trip Down Memory Lane

While listening to Jay Chou & Lara’s duet song “Coral Sea”, it suddenly struck me that it’s actually been 10 years since I fell in love with Chinese pop music. Yep, both Cantonese and Mandarin music.

And no, it wasn’t due to the F4 fever.  My fanaticism actually started because of Cantopop Queen, Faye Wong, who made waves in the gaming fandom with the song “Eyes On Me” in Final Fantasy VIII.  After knowing about her Chinese origins, I then ended up listening to her other songs.

Eventually on Friendster (YES, FRIENDSTER. THAT ANCIENT.), there was this particular account that added me as a friend. The name was Jay Chou, which was accompanied by a really cool photo of him in a concert. After some time, more Jay Chou accounts added me (Jay Chou fan groups actually), probably because of the whole Faye Wong thing in my Profile. After that, an account dedicated to Andy Lau also added  me! So I then started to search about Jay Chou and Andy Lau  and the rest is history.

Along the way, I’ve grown to love other Chinese artists, too, such as Twins, Joey Yung, Coco Lee, TANK, Angela Zhang, S.H.E., Wang Lee Hom, Show Luo, Rainie Yang, Della Ding, Jolin Tsai, etc. But let us not forget, of course, my  all-time favourite: Fahrenheit.

Nowadays, I’m not really into the C-Pop fandom as much as I used to. Growing older really does make you deviate from a few things in your childhood. Despite that, I’d still recommend C-Pop to anyone who’s willing to listen to something new. Chinese pop music is BEAUTIFUL.

Let me just take a trip down memory lane with some of my favourite C-Pop songs during my heydays in the fandom.

One song per artist. Not in particular order of love:

1. Bu Liu – Faye Wong

2. Zhi Dui ni You Gan Jue – Fahrenheit

3. Superstar – S.H.E.

4. Baby Dui Bu Qi – Coco Lee

5. Wu Niang – Jolin Tsai

6. Kiss Goodbye – Wang Lee Hom

7. Ye Qu – Jay Chou

8. Li Xiang Qing Ren – Rainie Yang

9. My Pride – Joey Yung

10. Zhuan Shu Tian Qi – TANK

[C-Pop] English version of Fahrenheit’s Zhao Xing Fu Gei Ni

Just last week my sister was so giddy when she told me that she heard an English version of Fahrenheit’s “Zhao Xing Fu Gei Ni” on the radio. Naturally, I was way too surprised. A 2006 Mandarin song being remade in 2013? Really? Moreover, it’s one of my favorites from the album! My sister wasn’t able to catch who the artist was, so I had to post it on my Facebook Timeline just in case my fandom friends know about it. And, voila! I knew it; someone did. Thanks, Paul!

I’m an Asian music girl and I’m not really well-versed on Western music so forgive my ignorance. Turns out, it was Fahrenheit who revived the song! The original song is titled, “Talk to Me”, originally performed by a duo named “Smash!!!”. And it was released three years before FRH did their own version, according to my friend. Now when I was fangirling FRH back then, I didn’t come across any info about Zhao Xing Fu Gei Ni as a remake, so I was clueless.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed both versions! Here they are:

Fahrenheit – Zhao Xing Fu Gei Ni

Smash!! – Talk To Me

[K-Pop] My Short Answer to a Short K-Pop Survey

A friend asked me to answer a survey that they’ve been conducting regarding the popularity of K-Pop in the Philippines. And one of the questions there revolves around the lines of, “If you don’t answer the songs, then why are you still listening to K-Pop?”

While answering the survey, it just dawned on me just how much the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese songs have been such integral parts of my life. Lol chos.

So here’s my pretty short answer to the question:

“The very first thing that caught my attention in K-Pop was the music video production. At that time, K-Pop was prolific with music videos having short stories that blend well with the melody of the song. That started it all. So its initially because of the high quality production of the music videos and its capability for effective storytelling.

Later on, I was then amazed at the talent of the singers. I started with Rain and BoA. Their forte is dancing. After watching a few of their live performances, at that time I didn’t think I have ever seen a singer dance to a hardcore choreography and still manage to sing LIVE. I was really amazed, especially at BoA.

Prior to being a K-Pop fan, I was already a hardcore J-Pop and C-Pop fan for ever since I can remember. So listening to songs that I can’t understand isn’t new to me. It doesn’t matter that the songs are not in English or Tagalog. A song is comprised by two factors: the lyrics (words) and the music itself (melody). If I’m only judging the whole song because of its lyrics alone, then I should have just listened to a “Panabayang Bigkas.” :)) Chos.

And I think that’s also a factor why J/K/CPop songs are even more precious. Because you get to appreciate the music for itself. And the wonder stems from there. Somehow those notes manage to cross all boundaries, overwhelm your senses, and just… make you feel different. Am I making sense? Haha. Just that, it’s amazing how music can elicit so much emotions without any need for words.

[J/K/Pop] iPod Mini On!

A few days ago my last song syndrome had been SMAP’s “Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana” (2003) and Arashi’s “Kitto Daijoubu” (2006). Usually when I’m on LSS, it’s when I’m in dire need of hearing those songs. But I got frustrated that I don’t have those songs in my current iPod.

So when I got home in Manila, I ended up playing my first Pod (iPod mini) and viola, nostalgia came over me. My iPod is nearly seven years old now and stored in it are my earliest Japanese/Korean/Chinese songs —- songs that got me into the fandom, which will eternally be special; songs that I have stored in our PC for years that I can finally listen to wherever I go, thank you iPod/Apple.

Now I’m currently listening to KAT-TUN’s old songs, back when they were the babies of Johnny’s Entertainment, back when Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya were the hottest yaoi OTP of fangirls, back when they were still six members, back when their debut single “Real Face” was the only million-selling single of 2006.

My history as a fangirl just keeps on coming back whenever I turn this baby on. And I love it. Also, listening to the old songs right now makes me realize just how much the Korean pop music scene has changed.

So much has changed. How can I move on from the past if the past was so downright awesome?



Random post. :))

No posts lately. I don’t know but J-Pop has been quiet lately, while Korea’s artists have been releasing singles like wildfire. 🙂  As for other fandoms, I haven’t updated myself with C-Pop yet, and I haven’t watched any Asian dramas or movies lately. Manga? Anime? None yet this year. The only things that I fangirl right now are Gundam Wing and fanfictions. I even discontinued re-playing FF8 for now.  Uploads and file sharing of latest MVs or lives have stopped. And ordering of CDs have stopped as well.

I don’t know, I’m just tired I guess. I’m currently doing my thesis proposal and other heavy school stuff so finding time to fangirl is difficult for now. But of course even when I’m doing something, I don’t fail to download. :)) So far, the good ones that I’ve downloaded are TVXQ’s, GD&TOP’s, and MBLAQ’s new tracks. 🙂  My favorite being MBLAQ’s “CRY.” It’s a smooth urban track that is really my cup of tea. 🙂

Here is it’s MV if you guys want to see:

What else? I’ve been simultaneously writing new chapters for my fanfictions and thesis proposal for the past few days. 🙂 For my fics, I think I’ll be focusing more on Gundam Wing rather than FF8. :))

I’m incoherent today, I know. I just want to release some stress by writing this post. 🙂 I’m neglecting my fangirling lately. Huhu.

I’ll be active in the fandom again once January ends. Wish me luck whoever is reading this and keep the fandom alive!:) Ciao! 🙂

Btw, I’m really happy that a lot of people are in to reading Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop 🙂 It’s a good indication that the GW fanbase is still alive. ^_^ Keep on loving Gundam Wing! ^_^ Heero x Relena FTW!!! 😀

On Downloads + Fanfics + A bit of Chinese Entertainment news

Heya, this is Lara/Lady-Rinoa! >___< I haven’t uploaded any files in a while since mediafire has been bitching me for the past few weeks. So sorry for no uploads of any PVs/MVs or any live perfs yet. Rawr. I am actually excited in sharing NTV’s Best Artist 2010 performances! >_< Well anyway, if mediafire still bitches me next week, I’ll be making an account on 4shared or megaupload 🙂

Oh and I have been active again in fanfictions! Haha. 😀

I have also updated myself with Chinese entertainment lately, how I missed it :)) And here are some news that really caught my attention:

1. Da S (Barbie Hsu) is now married to her lawyer boyfriend! They registered their marriage last November 16 after dating for two months. And I also read that Ady An and Da S are not on good terms lately.

AND! Barbie’s ex-boyfriend F4 member Vic Zhou said that he will not be attending the actual wedding ceremony in March 2011.

2. TANK had a heart attack again in one of his lives. Poor guy T_T

3. Aaron Yan of Fahrenheit had a bed scene in his drama Gloomy Salad Days!

4. Selina Jen of SHE who had been burned in one of the errors in filming her drama can now walk and talk 🙂

5. Jay Chou’s debut Hollywood film “The Green Hornet” now has posters and trailers!

6. Ethan Ruan won the Best Actor Award at the Golden Horse Awards! It’s the first time in years since a Taiwanese won that award! 🙂

7. Fahrenheit won’t be participating in any New Year Countdown shows.

That’s a bit of some of the Chinese entertainment headlines I’ve read recently 🙂 Whii~

Until next time, ciao! 😀