[EVENT] Concert Screening: BoA Special Live: NOWNESS in Japan

[#FRIYAYSatKCC] Concert Screening: BoA Special Live: NOWNESS in Japan BoA Philippines, in partnership with the Korean Cultural Center, invites all JumpingBoAs to a free concert screening of “BoA Special Live NOWNESS in Japan” on 4 November 2016 (Friday) at the … Continue reading

[Academia]The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2016: Official Conference Proceedings

Last 2-5 June 2016, the International Academic Forum (IAFOR) held the Sixth Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2016 at Kobe, Japan. With the theme Cultural Struggle and Praxis: Negotiating Power and the Everyday, more than 200 scholars/academics/practitioners gathered at the Art Center … Continue reading

[K-Pop] Latest BoA Covers by SNSD’s Tiffany, SNSD’s Taeyeon, and Lovelyz’s Kei

A lot of artists have paid tribute to the Queen of KPop, BoA, by covering her songs and citing her in interviews and TV guestings as the artist they look up to in the industry. Now, I’m posting here some of the most recent covers of BoA’s songs, arranged in order of how I liked them. *wink wink*

The top spot goes to SNSD’s Tiffany with Moon & Sunrise. Tiffany has always been vocal about BoA being the reason why she wanted to become a singer, and how she consequently left the U.S. and flew to Korea alone just so she could be in the same company as Queen B.

Here’s a cute video of Tiffany talking to BoA for the first time, in case you missed it in 2007. Haha.

Now, about the song, Moon & Sunrise is originally a non-single track from BoA’s second studio album in Japan VALENTI. (Trivia: BoA wrote this song when she was sad af in Japan). It’s not a single so I appreciate Tiffany for choosing this song in her solo concert and at You Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook. Love her vocals here, too! ❤

And because I love the BoA the Live 2006 birthday tour, here’s BoA’s version from that live. ❤

Adding another vid showing Tiffany singing various BoA songs back in 2007. ❤

Next up is Lovelyz’s Kei with Atlantis Princess. Kei revealed in the latest episode of Girl Spirit that her role model is BoA, and because of Queen B she didn’t give up on chasing her dream as a singer. Kei’s performance is adorable with the Atlantis Princess outfit (jumper and goggles), although I feel the tension as she tries to protect her vocals while dancing to this bubblegum pop classic. Nevertheless, it’s a cute cover, and I enjoyed her belting out at the bridge part. ❤ I don’t even know this new idol, but I like her now. Haha.

Lastly, there’s SNSD Taeyeon’s with Atlantis Princess. Remember that time in 2009 when Taeyeon said in an interview that it was BoA who has made the biggest impact on her career? That in 2001 she was so impressed when she saw BoA speaking fluently in Japanese just a year after her debut in Korea, and ever since then Taeyeon had looked up to Queen B and had become her standard.

Moving on to the Atlantis Princess showdown, Taeyeon loses this battle for me. Yes, yes, she looks like an angel, and her voice is nice, BUT this version is just too slow for me. I have a friend who didn’t even finish listening to this version ’cause it’s too slow. 😛 But in all fairness, when it comes to re-arranged slow Atlantis Princess versions, Taeyeon wins this round versus Lena’s Park’s acoustic version. Lol.

Here’s a fan-made video of Taeyeon’s Atlantis Princess ’cause the full video isn’t out yet.

This is not recent, I know, but here’s Lena Park’s ~acoustic~ version for comparison. Hehe.

P.S. I love Taeyeon and Lena Park! This does not diminish what ever love I have for them! Haha.

I absolutely love it when younger idols pay tribute to Queen B. It’s a breath of fresh air from the new KPop fans who don’t know her, and who are even bashing her for dancing with EXO members in Only One. Lol.

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[EVENT] 10th Seoul Girls Collection Super Live in Manila!

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BoAPH: #BoA15thAnniv Magazine Survey

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CONTEST! Win an Autographed “Make Your Move” Poster or a T-Shirt!!!

MakeYourMove3D Fans


How would you like to win a beautiful Make Your Move poster autographed by leading man Derek Hough and by director Duane Adler? Or your very own Make Your MoveT-shirt? Well, here’s how you can try to win!

Our team of 5 will decide on the 1st and 2nd place winners and notify the winner by email. (Sorry, all contest participants must live in the United States.) We will post the winning entries.


1st Place prize: An autographed Make Your Move poster AND a Make Your Move t-shirt (size small) See the photo above of the tee. Not many people have one of these posters. If you win it, you’ll have an item to treasure for a very long time.

2nd Place prize: A Make Your Move t-shirt (size small). See the photo above of the tee. Size too small for you? Hang it on your bedroom wall or…

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