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The Blog

This blog used to be some sort of a news and review site about my favorite artists and other popular culture interests, since this was created at a time when social media was still a budding trend, and the likes of allkpop and tokyohive were at its infancy. But now that the people have a lot of resource sites to update them with, with the latest in everything, my blog has ceased to serve that function.

Basically this blog has now become the avenue where I can share the latest of everything I’m interested in: fandom, food, books, travels, Asian Studies, events organized/attended, and other writing stints.

The blog’s name NEO UNIVERSE is inspired by one of my favorite singles of Japanese rock band L’Arc~en~Ciel.

The Blogger

My name is Lara. I currently work in a Japanese company, and used to do freelance writing gigs for a concert website and a writing agency. As a freelancer, I interviewed local personalities in the field of art, music, and entrepreneurship. I also covered events of Korean pop music artists when they promote in the Philippines, and do some freelance work involving books and publishing.

I am also an Asianist and a Japanologist whose research interests in the academe are Security Issues in Asia, Regionalism and Community-Building in Asia, Popular Culture in East Asia, and Philippines-Japan Relations.

Despite being a corporate worker, writer, and a researcher, I read more than I write, though. My favorite novel genres are Young Adult, New Adult, General (Adult), Literary, and Historical Fiction.My favorite non-fiction books are about Asian Studies, Japan Studies, International Relations, Globalization, and (Mass) Communication.

As a professional reader, I  betaread short stories, novels, as well as fanfictions in the fandom. While I mostly post my book reviews on Goodreads, books that have been sent to me by the author and publisher are reviewed/posted in this blog. Also, with my freelance work in a writing agency, yep, I do get paid by reading books.

As a fan, I used to be very active in several forum sites, including being a moderator of http://www.Japinoy.com. Currently, I am an admin of BoA Philippines, L’Arc~en~Ciel Philippines, Namie Amuro Philippines, Koda Kumi Philippines, and Utada Hikaru Philippines. Oh, and Gundam Wing fanfiction is also one of my outlets. Haha. ❤

I also love to eat, so expect some food trip posts here, as well!

Also also, I love travelling, but I hate packing – a nasty combination, I know.

For more of my food trips, latest reads, and fandom stuff, ya’ll can view everything at my Instagram.

For any inquiry or message, feel free to leave a comment here or email me at ladyrinoa14@gmail.com.

37 thoughts on “About

  1. hello po ate lara!~ ^__^
    i agree, very informative po itong site niu..XD
    and fellow fangirl din po aku lalo na sa Laruku pati kay Haido-san at Ken-chan..>w<;; pati FF8!..^^;; fave FF series~ X3
    more power po sa blog m!..^o^


  2. hi lara! just stumbled upon your site while looking for things that are L’Arc~en~Ciel. i totally love it! i immediately transform to fangirl mode just by reading your posts. (btw, i followed you in twitter and tumblr too ^^) i hope we can be friends 🙂

    douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!


  3. hi! I happened upon your site while updating myself about the l’arc en ciel world tour… might be hopeless but I’m still praying for a Manila concert date haha anyway it’s cool to see another filipina laruku fangirl! and oooh! I’m also a kpop fangirl ;D


  4. Uhm, it may be redundant to ask, but I’m wondering if you know where to read the new Gundam Wing series Frozen Teardrop. I checked it out here but I couldn’t find it. Even worse, I’m not Japanese, so I don’t if I can even get to read it. T_T

    Anyway, I hope you could help me, considering you’re a fan and all. Thanks anyway 😀

    my facebook is polo padayhag or padayhag_polo@yahoo.com


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