[J-Rock] HYDE x YOSHIKI Collaboration at VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016



Just this weekend, HYDE and Yoshiki of legendary rock bands L’Arc~en~Ciel and Japan collaborated at the VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016.

The two rock icons graced the stage together (bless) with Yoshiki looking impeccable in his white suit, and of course, HYDE with his dark/vampire usual -but pretty- get-up. Two songs were performed that night. The first one was My Heart Draws a Dream by L’Arc~en~Ciel, and the second one was Say Anything by X Japan. Yoshiki played the piano, while HYDE slayed the vocals.

Okay, so here are my incoherent thoughts while watching the video:

  1. Goosebumps! MHDAD acoustic version, and played by none other than Yoshiki gave me the fucking chills!
  2. I didn’t expect that HYDE will let the crowd sing the “Yume wo egaku yo” part since this isn’t a L’Arc concert lol but the did, and they did, and it was awesome ❤
  3. Hyde also slayed the cover of X Japan’s song. It’s even better than MHDAD’s lmao.
  4. I’ve never seen Hyde so shy in ages! He was really playing the kouhai card.
  5. ROFL at the talk portion, when they were talking about ~generations~ and drinking and man, I hope we get more collaborations like this in the near future.
  6. Yoshiki was so cute and sweet and sophisticated at the same time
  7. ALSO, our (L’Arc) very own Yukihiro also made an appearance in the event albeit on a different performance. ❤

If you haven’t watched the gem of a collaboration yet, here it is:

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