[2016] Week 33 & 34: Eats, Reads, Beats, and Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

It’s been a stressful week last week to the point that I didn’t even get to write a weekly wrap-up post, so I’m merging two  wrap-ups in this entry! 🙂


CoCo Ichibanya

This famous curry restaurant from Japan is now in the Philippines -at BGC to be exact- and I love it! I first heard of CoCo Ichibanya when Changmin (of TVXQ) relayed in an interview that he loves how spicy the curry is in this restaurant. ❤ I tried the chicken curry gratin (I love cheese!), and it was so damn good. This baby’s price is pegged at P388 (if I remember it right) then my additional regular Coca-Cola order is P60.

Rose & Grace

My family now has a new favourite restaurant in the South. Located at Sta. Rosa Laguna, Rose & Grace is a refreshing treat for us with its Filipino dishes because lol as you can see, I mostly eat Japanese food. Lol. Totally love the butter garlic shrimp. OMG. I need it for the rest of my life.


Nihonkai Tsukiji

Translated literally as Japan Sea Reclaimed Land, Nihonkai Tsukiji is located at McKinley Hill, Taguig. What I love the most about this restaurant are the gyudon, seafood platter, and salmon sushi. ❤


Ooma is a Japanese restaurant at SM Megamall, which specializes in rice bowls. I sort-of have a “search for the best gyudon” in the Philippines policy, so I inevitably ordered gyudon.  One thing you have to note about Ooma is that the photo in the menu is deceiving. I thought the gyudon serving was too little for my always-hungry-self, but omg you guys. The serving was huge! So worth the money, lol.



Aside from Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan, I also revisited Colleen Hoover’s Ugly Love for my writing gig. My God. I am reminded of how much I hated Ugly Love. I also just finished reading It Ends With Us. Full review of that book is at my Goodreads account (Click Me).

My favourite reads for the past two weeks are: Our Souls At Night, IDOL, and Swear on This Life.

Currently reading: My Lady Jane. I don’t usually read books like this, but I have a soft spot for Cynthia Hand, so there. Haha.


Also, happy 19th anniversary, Tuesdays with Morrie! On Instagram, I posted a photo of my copy of Tuesdays with Morrie with the rest of my Mitch Albom books on the background, and Mitch Albom himself liked the photo! ❤ It was a “Sempai-Noticed-Me” moment. Lol. ❤



A quick rundown of what happened in my JPOP world: SMAP announces disbandment, and VAMPS has a new song already (YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. A NEW SONG RIGHT AFTER INSIDE OF ME).

Aaaand you better check out this PERFUME MEDLY BY PENTATONIX. PLEASE.


Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV has also been released in Philippine Cinemas! I watched it with my friend, Kevin, at SM Megamall last weekend, and boy oh boy. I am so hyped for the game! ❤

SPOILER: SEAN BEAN DIES. But I’m sure you figured that out already. 😛



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