[Book Review] Even the Score


Title:  Even the Score
Author:  Beth Ehemann
Publisher:  Montlake Romance
Genre:  Romance
Number of Pages:  322 [Kindle Edition]
My Rating: Three out of Five Stars (3/5)

Synopsis from the Publisher:

Single dad Andy Shaw loves his job as a sports agent, with one exception: it doesn’t leave him much time for his kids. No parent likes being sidelined, so Andy decides to hire someone to share the workload. But when one of the hottest agents in the industry applies, Andy knows that this deal is definitely trouble.

Danicka Douglas works her butt off, but being an attractive woman in a testosterone-heavy industry isn’t exactly a cakewalk. She guards her professional reputation fiercely, which means no crushing on her gorgeous boss. But the more they ignore that sexy little spark, the more it sizzles…

Just when it looks like romance might be in the game plan, Dani is threatened by a stalker with dark intentions. To keep her safe, Andy must cross the line between professional and very personal…because this time, he’s playing for keeps.

My Thoughts:

An advanced reading copy was sent by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Even the Score is a fun, summer read. It is quite a treat to read about a story that revolves around sports management with Andy and Danicka being sport agents.

I love the way Beth Ehemann writes. It’s been a quick and easy read for me since the writing is seamless with its description of the setting and the dialogues. And yes, the dialogues. The chemistry and relationship of the characters with each other are so great to read, especially the friendship of Andy and his best friend – it’s very natural. I also love the relationship of Andy with his kids – a hands-on daddy in a suit is enough to reel me in, lol.

The plot twist or ~crisis~ is somewhat of a cliché, though, and it’s easy to predict who the suspect is.

My main issue with this book, however, is the lack of descriptions of the characters. No, really. I know this isn’t Beth Ehemann’s first book in the series so avid fans of hers may already know the characters’ faces, but still, to those who have had a first look at Beth Ehemann’s writing with Even the Score, we actually have no idea what everybody looks like. For example, at the start of the book, Gloria the nanny and Andy’s kids are introduced. Now, the thing with that scene is that Andy the narrator doesn’t even describe or give a background of Gloria or his kids. I don’t even know their ages, so I don’t know what to imagine. Is Gloria that clichéd middle-aged nanny? But from the way she speaks, she sounds like a bit of a twenty-something nanny. It isn’t until the latter pages when Andy mentions that she’s 40-something-ish. Same with his kids. I don’t know what I should be imagining – are they toddlers? Or adolescents? It’s only in the middle of the story when Andy mentions that his daughter is six years old, while his son is idk I forgot.

Same issue with his friends and his friends’ wives. So this trope of athletes arranges get-togethers sometimes with their wives in attendance. Now the thing is, these characters are only introduced by name. I was itching to read more descriptions of these characters so I can imagine them, to no avail. I don’t even know their hair colors??? My imagination has never been so worked up because we are given with nothing to work with.

It’s Danicka who’s the most described person, actually. Lol. Andy, too, to some degree, but like I said, it’s only at the latter pages when I’m already stressed out from trying to imagine what they look like.

I really enjoyed this book, truly. But I hope Ms. Ehemann can allot more time with the character descriptions in her next books. 🙂 Overall, three stars out of five. 😀

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