[2016] Week 32 Eats, Reads, Beats, Pokemon Go, and Other Good Stuff


The first week of August surprised me in a really good way. Before I start with my usual Eats, Beats, Reads for the week, let me start with something ~work~ related. Yes, you read that right – work!

Last week I was supposed to have an interview on Wednesday or Thursday at my university. I, however, received a call on Monday from a  company that’s searching for Japanese-speaking people. I said “Yes” to an interview and exam the following day, and omg I got the job that same day. Suffice to say, I no longer attended my UP interview. While I have been pining for a career in the government, I also believe that Everything Happens For A Reason, and that God Has Better Plans For Me, so I’ll take a shot at working in the corporate sector. So yep, I am now employed! Bless. Lol. ❤ Like as in a full-time employee, though I’m still open to accepting freelance writing gigs from time to time.

Okay! Now, for my Eats, Beats, Reads for the week!


I went out with a couple of highschool friend groups last week at UP Town Center, where I got to eat at the Backyard Kitchen+ Brew restaurant for the first time. As a baby back ribs junkie, my friend Nessa and I ordered and shared their half-slab baby back ribs (P450). And Gytha shared her chicken sisig. Boy oh boy, I slept that night with a happy tummy. ❤


Also, my family tried out the Baguio branch (at Military Cut Off) of our favorite buffet restaurant –  Tajimaya Charcoal Grill. It’s an Eat-All-You-Can treat of Japanese cuisine (Omg I’m still thinking of the Japanese kimchi), which is just pegged at P499 per person at the Baguio branch. At the Mall of Asia branch, where we usually dine (because the branch at Rockwell is NOT Eat-All-You-Can), it’s usually P599 per person. The P100 difference is prolly because there are no shrimps at the Baguio branch, but you’re not really missing anything because the chicken, pork, and squid taste actually better at the Baguio branch! Mind you, the ambiance is also cozier in Baguio. Plus, they have free WiFi, and they play JPOP there! ❤



No book projects this week from my agent, so I picked up books from my to-be-read pile instead. My favorite this week is And I Darken; I will post a separate review soon because the book’s publisher sent me a free copy in exchange for a review. Though I must say, Ms. Kiersten White stepped up her writing game with this release. If you’ve read her previous books, you’d think And I Darken was written by a totally different author. She went all out in this one, and she nailed it. Good job on this book! ❤


One of the Young Adult authors I also fancy is Kasie West. I read her latest release P.S. I Like You, and wrote what I thought about it at Goodreads (Click Me). It’s not my favorite book from hers, but I still haven’t given up on Ms. Kasie West just yet.



The PV of VAMPS’s new single INSIDE OF ME has been leaked within the fandom. Lol. I love the song and the new sound of the band, but loool at the PV with Hyde’s snake dance again. Omg. I cannot. Here’s a TV spot for the behind-the-scenes. ❤

SNSD also released a song dedicated to their fans as part of the SM Station releases. I didn’t expect to feel anything when I started watching the music video omg but when the slide hinted at the girls’ Kissing You era, IDK man, my heart wept, if not my eyes. I may not be a solid supporter anymore, but I was there when SNSD made their debut; back when there were only two of us in our school’s batch who knew of KPOP and SNSD, so it’s kind of sad to see the video end with only eight silhouettes.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go needs no introduction. It’s been taking over people’s lives worldwide since its release last month, more so when it was released in the Philippines just last Saturday. I was planning to review my Japanese-language books that day to prep for the new job lol, ~but of course #priorities~ I did Pokemon-hunting around the city. Haha. That same day, mall giant SM announced a #GottaCatchEmAll Catch & Win promo where you’ll get to win p3000-worth of gift certificates. I’m not desperate for GCs, but I have a “Wala namang mawawala” mindset so I just tagged @smsupermalls at just two of my many catches that day. I woke up the next day with this tweet lol. What do you know? Haha.


I still have no idea how to claim the prize, though, since SM has not released any Mechanics for that. Haha. I hope I can claim it at any SM branch since I’m back in Manila.  I’m thankful for this as I am reminded that I need to stock more ~smart casual~ clothing for work. Lels.

Descendants of the Sun

May I also add that I haven’t watched a Korean drama for a long time (we’re talking of years here), but I have joined my Mom now in watching this drama. Haha. Let’s talk about this series some other time. Lol.


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