[2016] Week 31 Eats, Reads, Beats

The week started out with me making three trips to the hospital (all on Monday!), and no, this isn’t about my vertigo attacks, but another condition entirely. After that, I was practically bed-ridden again, but to my delight, I was able to out on the latter half of the week.


I met up with my childhood friends at UP Town Center last Thursday because of our shared existential crisis, lol, where we also tried out the new restaurant beside Casa Verde named Lucky Chick. Lucky Chick specializes in fried chicken (duh) and they have three flavors to choose from: Original, Hot, and Lemon & Garlic. Prices are pegged at P160-200 depending on how many pieces you order, but rest assured that the meal comes with large servings of chicken and rice, as well as iced tea. It’s not bad actually. 😛

One of my Ates in graduate school had also successfully defended her thesis, and treated us at Pepper Lunch. I can’t recall the last time I ate here, but I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a Curry Beef with Cheese order before because I sure would’ve remembered it. And hey yo, damn this was good! Sooooo gooood. ❤



Speaking of UP Town Center, I checked out the new Fully Booked branch there just to see how much they stack. The branch is almost as big as the one at the Katipunan. They’re big on stacking fictions vis-a-vis non-fictions, but still good. :))


This is prolly the cutest Little Women cover out there

I was also surprised that the branch has a lone copy of my favorite Young Adult novel, I Remember You. I damn gushed about it at Goodreads, and I never thought I’d see it in our local stores, so yay! Good job, UPTC!


In line with that, I am capping off July with my favorite reads this month. One of my all-time favorite writers has released her book this month for 2016, so it’s obvious that it’s at the top of my list this month. But apart from her, the two books that stood out for me this month were I Remember You and Midnight Lily.

Man, Midnight Lily messed with my head big time. The last time I was so mind-fucked about a book was when Leaving Time was released. It was haunting, mind-boggling, and poignant at the same time. I cannot.

Also also today is the release day of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! Friends have been posting their purchase, and the long lines at National Book Store, and ugghhh it’s making me wonder if I should buy one. Like most 90s kids, I grew up with Harry Potter, cried watching the trailers of the last movie, and even while watching the whole damn last movie; heck I even blogged about it back then. But IDK now. Maybe I’ll just wait for the reviews first. IDEK.

Also also also, I started worked on a book project again this week involving Sophie Kinsella’s Wedding Night. Let’s see how I do.


Ayaka just released a 10th anniversary BEST album entitled, THIS IS ME ~ayaka 10th anniversary BEST~ and have a lot of feelings just by looking at the tracklist. I’ve been following Ayaka since she made her debut so hearing these old songs coupled with NEW SONGS in this special album elicit all the feels from me. ❤


Oh and apparently, there has been a journalism error on JPopAsia’s part when it was revealed that Utada Hikaru’s new album is not entitled The U Testament. But apparently The U Testament is still written in the JPopAsia headline. Bummer.

I also can’t remember the last time I played my guitar. I suck at it, but ONE OK ROCK’s digital single Always coming back‘s chords are pretty doable. So yay. :)) Haha.

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