[Book Review] London with Love

Thank you to the author, Chris Haigh, for messaging me about his new book for review.


Title:  London with Love
Author:  Chris Haigh
Publisher:  Lulu Publishing
Publishing Date: June 8, 2016
Genres:  Romance, Erotica, Thriller, Mystery, Contemporary
Number of Pages:  238
My Rating: Three out of five stars (3/5)

Synopsis from the author:

Emily Gibson is age 26, attractive, and working in London. Her love life up to now has been a disaster, making her reckless and unpredictable. In spite of being good at her job, she gets fired.

Scott Gillons is four years older, a hot and handsome plastic surgeon who has developed a secret microchip tracker to implant into humans. Even though women adore him, he finds serious relationships don’t work – until he meets Emily.

She’s been two-timed and abused by a previous boyfriend, and yet Emily still likes a bad-boy element in her men. She rejects Scott, while confiding a secret to her friends. Tensions mount as her life takes an unexpected turn, and she makes a discovery which threatens her safety.

Truths emerge as Scott has to face up to his own issues. There are confessions he needs to make to Emily if their friendship is to become true love, confessions which will leave him vulnerable and, if made public, would damage his career as a surgeon.

As the facts come out, Emily and Scott become entangled in each other in a search for commitment and a future together.

 My Thoughts:

There are a lot of happenings in this book that it’s hard for me to classify this into one or two genres. Of course there’s romance, but then there are some hints of Erotica or BDSM elements, and then the book makes a sudden turn to thriller and mystery with tinges of LGBT touches, as well.

Having said that, that confusing hodgepodge of genres makes up for a complex character like Scott, which I like. I mean, come on, he’s a surgeon, an inventor, and sexy and gorgeous with a complex past – of course I dig him. On the other hand, the downside for having too many things going on with the book is the abrupt jumps from one chapter to another. Just when things are getting interesting in a particular scene, the following chapter starts with like a totally different angle, and only briefly mentions what happens in the previous chapter. There’s too much telling and not much showing, either, when that happens. I know; it’s confusing. On the brighter side, precisely because there are lots of things happenings here, you will not get bored in turning the pages. It gets better in the latter part where the pacing picks up and you’ll be rooting for Scott and Emily to survive the mess they find themselves in.

Speaking of Emily, while I feel so much for Scott, I feel so detached with Emily. I don’t know, maybe it’s because of her immaturity and recklessness – traits that I hate being possessed by female protagonists.

Overall, I give this book three stars for its interesting premise, a complex character, and all the twists and turns that had me cheering for everyone’s happy ending.

The book cover reminds me of David Nicholls’s “One Day.” Just saying. *wink wink*


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