[2016] Week 30 Eats, Reads, Beats

First good thing: I spent the weekend in Baguio! I still have to apologize profusely to Tito MJ for bailing out the last minute, but.. family first. 😦


My mom still looks so fresh even though she’s busy af

Baguio has always been like a second home for me. The best thing about this trip, though, is that our dogs are feeling so at home in Baguio, as well! And our only girl, Chuchai, is famous af among the tourists with people of all ages taking photos of and with her. Lol.

Weather was bad, though, because of a low pressure area, so we didn’t go to the City per se. My parents and I only went as far as  Camp John Hay where we had our staple Shakey’s orders, dessert, and sushi.

Second good thing: One of my highschool friends (lower batch) invited us to their culinary school’s Open House. Said culinary school is First Gourmet Academy, which my sister attended, as well. It was a day of unlimited food as we devoured Western dishes, then later in the afternoon, one of my best buds (since elementary) recently turned 25 years old, so he treated us at Dencio’s, still at Capitol Hills.


Chef Jandelle!

The thing about #adulting is that our social circle rarely hangs out together with everyone in attendance. This time, though, with only one friend missing, our circle was nearly complete. ❤


Oh and speaking of culinary school, if anyone’s interested, ya’ll might want to consider First Gourmet Academy since they have a great program, and it’s relatively cheaper here. During my sister’s time in 2010, the fee is just PHP215,000. This time around, my friend only paid PHP210,000 – all in. Hey, that’s a good offer! 🙂

Third good thing: I finished working on a book project I was recruited for. It’s a totally different writing gig from what I’ve been doing in the past, so this experience has been refreshing and challenging at the same time! 🙂 Sadly, though, its deadline coincides with a copyediting task, so gaaah, it had been a stressful night. Lol.


Fourth good thing: I’m still pretty much attached to my J-Pop artists, so hot damn yeah, J-Pop goddess Namie Amuro is back with a new single titled HERO, which is the official theme song for NHK’s Olympics broadcast. The beat in the verses remind me of CONTRAIL, though. Lol. It’s good, of course. 🙂


Also, my baby Hyde and his side band VAMPS also performed their upcoming single INSIDE OF ME at their live in Osaka, and hey yo, I love this new sound! The intro actually reminds me of L’Arc~en~Ciel’s The Promised Land!

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