[2016] Week 29 Good Stuff: Korean Buffets, Japanese Food, Book Sale, Strawberry Taho

When I think of the happenings last week, what stand out in my head are Korean buffets. I have come to love Korean food when me and my grad school friends went to the Land of BoA last year and did nothing but eat – take photos – walk – then eat again. After that trip, Korean food/cuisine shot up in my list of favorite foodstuff, landing at number two, next to Japanese food (obviously).

Now, in my family, I am the only one who craves Japanese and Korean food every now and then, so it came as a surprise when my dad asked me one night if I would love to try out a Korean buffet restaurant somewhere in Angeles City. Why not, right?

The buffet restaurant is named Kang San Ae, located at the Korea Town of Angeles City, Pampanga. It’s at the corner of the street; you won’t miss its huge sign. Also, I am so sorry there will be no photos, since my hands were too busy grilling the galbi, lol.

What’s wonderful about Kang San Ae is that the rate is pegged at P299 per head! They have a strict policy of pay-first-before-you-eat, so after going through that part, the food is all yours! There’s a selection of the regulars like japchae, different kinds of soup, gimbap, pajeon, and kimchi among others. You also get to choose the raw meat you’d like to grill – pork, chicken, beef, marinated chicken, and marinated beef. GUYS, they’re to die for.

The following day, my dad and I went back to Kang San Ae for lunch. Yep, it’s that good.

Still reeling from Kang San Ae, and still hungry for Korean food, I then met up with my BoAjjang friends to eat at Don Day. Don Day is also a Korean buffet place in Manila, and our favourite branch is at Quezon Avenue. The rate per head is P399 if you plan to grill pork AND beef.

For dessert, we headed over to my favourite bingsoo place: Café Seolhwa (also called Café Bingsu) at Bonifacio Global City. Two hours of buffet didn’t stop us from having four bingsoo orders (Choco Brownie, Berry, Mango, and Injulmi) and a cheese ddeokbokki. I am so blessed to have foodie friends, as well. Haha.

For my Japanese fix, me and my grad school friends went out last Thursday and had lunch at our go-to-place in BGC – Nadai Fujisoba. What’s lovable about Nadai Fujisoba is their P250 worth of mini curry rice with tsumetai soba.

For something Filipino, my dad and I went to Baguio for a quick visit. Saw my dog again there, still so sweet and adorable. Aaaaand I also got to eat strawberry taho again! Yay! ❤


Aaand of course, I went to the Fully Booked sale again, and went home with these babies.




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