[2016] Week 28 Good Stuff: Of Catch-Up Sessions, Reminiscing, and More Food

After a month of being busy in the academe, I started July by catching up with some of the closest people in my life.

First up was a tambay session with my childhood friends from UPIS. It’s been a while since we last got together after so much drama earlier this year. And of course, Gabez and Michael had to try barkada restaurant’s bacon-wrapped chicken, which I have been posting frequently on Instagram, lol.

The following day, I went out with my other social circle in UPIS for brekky as we welcomed Aileen back from Malaysia. I was also on #StageTita mode with Andeng’s baby. ❤

After lunch on that same day, I went to my favourite Starbucks branch to wait for Tickle, my college friend, who had just been accepted in law school! 🙂

Like I posted on Instagram, again, it felt nice to be back in that particular Starbucks branch considering that I haven’t been there since I took the comprehensive examination for my Master’s last November 2015. It felt nice when the baristas still remembered my regular order and seat, but it was also sad to know that most of the baristas I knew had been assigned in other branches. Only three baristas know me now. And even the Kuya Guard is new. I loved that particular Starbucks branch for it had been my study place my whole grad school life. The baristas know how much books and readings I brought in there and finished reading, how many reports I did, how many term papers I wrote, and how much caffeine I chugged just to get all these done, lol. Not to mention the times when I also fell asleep there, omg. I’ll miss the Ates and Kuyas who would usually chat me up whenever nasasabaw nako sa mga pinagbababasa at pinagsususulat ko. I hope I’d be able to see them in other Starbucks branches. 🙂

At around 4PM that day, Tickle arrived and we had a late lunch/early dinner at Ichiba Japanese Market.


Holiday with the sister

On Wednesday, while our Muslim fellowmen were celebrating Eid Mubarak, my sister and I spent the day at one of my favourite places in Manila – Bonifacio Global City – just in time when the Fully Booked branch there is holding an Atrium Sale for a whole month. I’ve never missed an Atrium Sale in that branch, so of course I didn’t leave the place empty-handed.

Coincidentally, that day was also dubbed as National Chicken Day, and Wings Stop in BGC had a promo, so my sister and I had lunch there and attacked four flavors of wings. ❤


My sister’s face when she caught Bulbasaur on Pokemon Go and when she took a bite of the hot buffalo wings

After that we had dessert at Café Seolhwa where I ordered choco bingsu… and cheese ddeokbokki, hehe. Not really dessert but who cares, it’s pretty damn good! 🙂

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