[2016] Week 27: Four Good Things

I wasn’t able to write my week wrap-ups for the past three weeks ‘cause I was in Japan from May 31-June 12, 2016 to present my research papers in international conferences for the first time. And then the week after that, I was mostly in and out of hospitals due to the worst vertigo attacks of my life, which I will talk about some other time.

So I’m back this week, and yes, it’s been a great one!

  1. Graduation and Papa’s Birthday


I finally graduated with my Master’s degree last 26 June 2016 – on my dad’s birthday. It was a sweet and happy day as I wrapped up my 19-year stint as a student in the University of the Philippines, which also served as my birthday gift to Papa. My parents have always been supportive of my endeavours, and the only way I can repay them with everything they’ve done for me is to do well in school and make them proud. I hope they are, for this achievement is not my success, but their victory. ❤

“Madaling makapasok, mas mahirap makalabas,” (It’s easy to get in, but hard to get out) – these are the usual phrases you’d hear about UP life. I can attest to this having been admitted three times (UP Kindergarten Admissions Test, UP College Admissions Test, UP Asian Center Admissions Test), and proudly surviving three times. Studying in UP wasn’t easy. There were lots of times when I broke down from stress, had self-doubts, and altogether brought out the worst in me. On the flip side, UP also managed to bring out the best in me by challenging me to push beyond my boundaries; for that, I’ll always be thankful. It had been a challenging 19 years of studying, so it was inevitable to cry when I sang UP Naming Mahal for the last time as a student. And like I said, I have so much to thank UP for, but what will always be in my mindset is that I will always serve my country and its people.


After the commencement exercises per se, the after-grad party was held at Dad’s/Kamayan/Saisaki together with some of my favourite people from my elementary to postgraduate years. It was short-notice, but I’m truly grateful they made it! ❤

  1. Mama’s Day

The day after, Mama received a plaque of recognition for her contributions in her work place for the past administration. It was also in this week when she marked her 29th year working in the government. ❤

I actually kind of grew up in Mama’s work place. It was like my third home, wherein I have observed how Mama worked, and how every employee in her office contributes –no matter how big or small- into serving the Filipino people. It was growing up in this kind of environment, aside from studying in UP and Papa working in the government, as well, that convinced me from the get-go that I will find much fulfillment in life I were to work for public service. ❤

  1. Ate’s Day

And then the day after, my sister celebrated her birthday! Having said that, I think it’s okay to say that I’m always broke in June ‘cause you know, there’s Father’s Day, Papa’s Birthday, and Ate’s Birthday. Lol. I need a job na. Haha.

  1. Grandparents’ Day

The past week, my grandparents also celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary! And still going strong! Here’s a throwback photo of their wedding. Haha. My grandma was a bombshell! 🙂


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