2016 Week 22: Three Good Things

Sooooo I’m back to wrapping up another week in 2016! I skipped Weeks 20 and 21 ’cause my laptop’s charger died, and I only got a new one this week, so yay that’s definitely the best thing this month imho.

Okay so for the top three off the top of my head this week:

  1. #barkada food trip with a kabarkada – After cancelling day after day in week 21, my good friend Arce and I finally saw each other again! We’ve been classmates since grade 1 and friends since first year highschool, jsyk. 🙂 The last time we saw each other was during the Christmas party of our barkada, so omg, that was five months ago. Our barkada has always been clingy, so this is probably the longest (or second longest) time frame we’ve been apart.

Another close friend, Carlos, caught up with us albeit very, very late lol

So we did our catching-up session at UP Town Center aka where our high school buildings used to be. On our way to check out the Rodic’s branch at UPTC, we found the new restaurant barkada instead.


barkada is on its soft opening so they’re still working on the ventilation, lol. The place is a bit small but cozy, and you get to write on their Freedom Wall. As for the food, I ordered baby back ribs, of course, which is just okay. But what’s life changing is their bacon-wrapped chicken, which is all types of heavenly. It’s cheap, too! Ish, lol I cannot remember the prices actually, but I do remember it being affordable. 😛

2. I passed the Civil Service Exam! – I have always wanted to work in the government. Ironically, though, this was the exam of my life that I had not prepared for. So IDEK, all I can say is that there is a God. ❤


My assigned seat during the exam already has my name on it. IDK about you, but I strongly believe in destiny. Haha. P.S.: I didn’t vandalize this.

3. Japan trip final touches – Remember when I said that my laptop charger died? So along with it was my capacity and will to live. Loljk. But really, I was having a bad week last week, and then this laptop problem happened along with other life issues, so I was totally unable to edit or make any progress with my paper presentations, which are slated for next week!

Hence, after getting my new charger this Thursday, I crammed like hell (Note: I DO NOT CRAM; that’s not how I roll) until today when I timed myself, and bless, both my presentations are within the 20-minute time allotment!

All other concerns regarding the Japan trip have been crammed this week, as well. The only fun part was the shopping part with my sister and mom. Haha.

*Song playing: Show Me Your Love – DBSK and Super Junior


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