[2016]Week 19 Three Good Things ~ Civil War, Ichiba: Japanese Market, and NCF Visit

Late post!

I always start my week with Sunday – not Monday – so my week wrap-ups will cover Sundays to Saturdays. Blog entry right now covers May 3 to May 8, jsyk.
So here are the good things off the top of my head.

1. Captain America: Civil War 

LOVE. ❤ So in social media people are all taking sides with the hashtags #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan, though some #TeamCap people are only rooting for him because of Chris’s beautiful self. While I admit that he’s one fine specimen of a man –I like Bucky more, though – after watching the film I am actually #TeamNothing. It’s actually difficult to side with one group because the film clearly shows each other’s past and how these pasts have come to influence their character development and morals, as well as their decision-making.  Each side’s rationale is valid and understandable. So whatever. I’m just glad that they’re still alive. 🙂


Bonding with the Sister who is #TeamCap, while I’m #TeamBucky

2. Ichiba: Japanese Market – After the whirlwind and testosterone-laden film that is Captain America, my sister and I recharged at Ichiba: Japanese Market. Ichiba is like your typical Japanese restaurant at first glance where you get to be seated in tables and choose what to order from the menu. But what sets it apart from your typical Japanese restaurant is number one, the ambience. Upon stepping in Ichiba, it feels like being transported to the streets of Japan where you can order in different shops stations, like the takoyaki station, gyoza station, ramen station, among others. Another unique feature of Ichiba is that you can ~shop~ for fresh seafood and have it cooked right away. You can also fish for your own, well, fish, and have it cooked, as well. 🙂



Sister Checking Out the Takoyaki Station. You can order from the menu or order from the stations, whichever is convenient

Food is good, and service is fast! One of my friends residing from the North asked me if it’s worth the traffic, and I’m like, “Yes for the whole experience!” 🙂

3. Nihongo Center Foundation – Aside from UP, the only school I’ve ever known is Nihongo Center Foundation (NCF). The last time I had a class here was last year, June 2015, so I dropped by NCF after going around in some of my happy places on Earth – Greenbelt and Glorietta – looking for a Mother’s Day gift. I’m happy that I got to meet up with my former classmate and sensei. But It’s actually sad that Miss Merj is no longer working here. 😦

To those who do not know, Nihongo Center Foundation is the best Japanese language school in the Philippines, whose predecessor is the Nihon Gakko, which used to be handled and supervised by the Embassy of Japan. There are two NCF campuses, one in Makati and one in Manila. The school offers different kinds of Nihongo classes. Of course there are the standard/regular Nihongo classes from Elementary to Intermediate levels, and there’s also Children’s Nihongo, Business Japanese, Japanese for Nurses/Caregivers, and many more. Interested? Check out the website: http://www.nihongocenter.com/


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