2016 Week 18: Three Good Things ~ The Fourth Anniversary Café, Grad Stuff, AI + EXILE Atsushi

  1. L’Arc~en~Ciel Philippines Celebrates Fourth Anniversary! – Yesterday, 30 April 2016, L’Arc~en~Ciel Philippines held an anniversary gathering at Subspace Coffee House in Ortigas. Unlike our previous gatherings, our event this time around was relatively much chillax to match the theme The Fourth Anniversary Café, which was a word play on one of L’Arc~en~Ciel’s songs The Fourth Avenue Café. Aside from that, the Street Team members were all busy, so we had limited time to prepare, including inviting bands to perform like we usually do every year, and doing all kinds of logistics in the venue (read: sound system and whatnot). Despite these simplicities, we are thankful to everyone who attended! So glad to see new faces mingling with our regular attendees, which was made all made possible by L’Arc~en~Ciel.

We had no cover bands this year, so we just played games from 7-10 PM. Congratulations to all our game winners, and of course to Yami for winning our first ever #LArcMNL Idol Singing Contest – and also for being the new owner of my Ken toy. 🙂



  1. Grad Stuff – This week I also got to run/process my university clearance and pay my graduation fees. Sounds easy, right? But lo and behold, of course it took a whole day to run all the paper work in UP. Haha. But all is well and good since I did all these stuff with my #StageFriend grad school friends, including a busugan lunch at Chocolate Kiss.


Also, our Student Records Evaluator showed me the list of graduating students this June, and yaaas, my name’s on top! Sure na sure na! 🙂


I am a big fan of Kato Miliyah and AI, and a bit of Shimizu Shota and EXILE’s Atsushi. I love their genre and their own R&B sound, so when these people collaborate, you can be assured that the end product is always golden.

Back in mid-2000s ish, Miliyah and Shota started collaborating (Miliyah and AI’s collaborations are awesome, too. Watch STRONGER; you’re welcome), and they released a string of really good singles, such as Love Forever, Forever Love, Believe, and Love Story before announcing that they’d be officially ending their collaboration with a compilation album titled THE BEST. I was devastated that they called it quits for good (still hoping not, though), but omg like a ray of light, here comes another collaboration unit that filled the void that Miliyah and Shota left in their wake.

God. Bless. AI. And. Atsushi. My two favourite vocalists in the JPOP scene are perfect together; I implore ya’ll to listen to them and be swayed. ❤

Here’s their latest single: NO MORE.


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