[2016] Week 17: Three Good Things

2016’s Week 17: Three Good Things

One of my favorite writers always blog about the Five Good Things in her life per week, so I thought, hey, why not also do something similar while I’m at it? I rarely find the time to blog anymore, but I still want to check in here once in a while.So from now on, I will be updating this blog per week with my Three Good Things; I think I should stick with three considering my time constraints. Also, I’d like to focus only on the ~good things~ since there are so much atrocities happening right now, including but not limited to our national elections, the Comelec data leak, mega quakes, and such, so I don’t want to add to that negativity.

Alright, now let’s get started!

  1. Trimmed Down My Paper to 5,000 Words


I will be presenting two of my term papers at international conferences in Japan this coming June. One of the conferences I will be attending requires full papers to be only composed of 5,000 words. My paper, meanwhile, has 14,000+ words, so I spent three days trimming down my baby to comply with the guidelines. It was such a hard thing to do, cutting down 9,000 essential words,  but hey, at least I’ve achieved the word limit now, and now I’m praying that my paper will still make sense. Haha.

I’m excited to present this paper since it will tackle the cultural politics involved in the transbordering activities of Hallyu stars in Japan, with a case study of my favorite singer BoA. ❤

  1. “ASEAN, Philippines, and Japan,” an Online Lecture by Professor Hideki Hayashi of Meiji University


Last 2016 April 18 (Monday), together with my Japan Studies friends Kuya Allen, Earl, and Ate Noe, I attended an online lecture at the Diliman Interactive Learning Center. The lecture was presided by Meiji University Professor Hideki Hayashi, who talked about the economic relations of ASEAN, the Philippines, and Japan, as well as Japan’s responses during the 1997/8 Asian Financial Crisis and the financial crisis in Europe.

I am writing this event to highlight two points. First, the online lecture was conducted via video call. Professor Hayashi delivered his lecture from Meiji University, while we, the 30 representatives from the University of the Philippines (UP), listened in Diliman. This venture was something that our own Office of International Linkages (OIL) wanted to show the students – that UP is now capable of such technology, and is doing its best to adhere to the University’s internationalization goals. Second, our OIL also took this opportunity to inform everyone that there are so many exchange program opportunities for UP students via OIL’s partner institutions worldwide, and it needs further promotions. My own travels to Japan so far have all been made possible via OIL, to which I am eternally grateful. Thank you to my home college (UP Asian Center) for the press release, by the way. Hehe. So if you’re an enrolled UP student and you are reading this, please do LIKE the Page of UP OIL, join the exchange programs (trust me; it’s worth it), and spread the word. Also, if you’re at it, OIL will also hold a symposium about these international engagements. Booths from various foreign cultural institutions will also be at the event, so feel free to drop by! See poster below.

Intensifying International Engagement

  1. The Selfie that Rocked the Fandom: L’Arc~en~Ciel and One OK Rock Clash

On his birthday, ONE OK ROCK vocalist Taka spent it with none other than Japanese rock icon/L’Arc~en~Ciel and VAMPS vocalist/my eternal love HYDE. The two rock stars shared this via Instagram where Taka posted first, saying that he had a great talk with Hyde, along with equally good sake, and that HYDE is such a nice sempai.


Now look at those happy and close faces. ❤ Taka’s fanboy self is so evident, while Hyde himself looked so sleazy, like he had been told a secret that can ruin someone else’s career. Seriously, he’s friends with everyone! Haha. I’ll be honest and will say that my (green) mind is full of wild imaginations concocting stories behind those smiles, but I will just share these stories privately with friends. Lol. 🙂

Happy Week 18, everyone! 🙂

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