[Event Report] VIXX LIVE FANTASIA In Manila UTOPIA TOUR + #BSBinManila


With my friend, Nina, at the VIXX concert

Last 2 May 2015, I covered the VIXX LIVE FANTASIA In Manila UTOPIA TOUR for Manila Concert Scene. It has recently been published in their site, so if you’re a Starlight, check out the Concert Round-Up here: http://manilaconcertscene.blogspot.com/2015/05/concert-round-up-vixx-live-fantasia-in.html#more


With my friend, Maan, at the Backstreet Boys concert

I am also sharing MCS’s concert round-up for the Backstreet Boys concert because I was also there (I didn’t write the article tho fyi), and ugh. BSB is my childhood!!!!! I have so much feelings from that night. :)))) ❤ Check out MCS’s #BSBinManila Concert Round-Up here: http://manilaconcertscene.blogspot.com/2015/05/the-1995-bsb-live-in-manila-concert.html

Wrote down the setlist, as always, but damn IDEK the two songs. They’re from the boys’ latest album, so lol.

Backstreet’s Back (short)
The Call
Don’t Want You Back
(Nick MC)
(IDEK this song)
All I Have to Give
As Long As You Love Me
(Kevin MC)
Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of
Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely
I’ll Never Break Your Heart.
We’ve Got It Going On.
I Want It That Way + Drowning (Teasers only; Acapella)
10,000 Promises
(IDEK this song)
Quit Playing Games With My Heart.
The One
Love Somebody
(Howie MC)
Shape of My Heart.
(Brian MC)
In A World Like This
I Want It That Way

Backstreet’s Back
Larger Than Life

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