[Event Report] No Sound Without Silence World Tour: The Script Live in Manila 2015

The Script Live in Manila 2015

Last 17 April 2015, I attended the Manila leg of the No Sound Without Silence World Tour of Irish pop-rock band, The Script, at the Mall of Asia Arena. It was a last minute decision, since I had been debating whether to attend that live or Korean hiphop group Epik High’s, but in the end, I chose this one. So many reasons for the decision. Still, it was the best decision ever.  Epik High, I swear I’ll see you on your next Manila live.

I am a Japanese rock fan through and through so whenever I attend non-J/K-pop concerts, my dad becomes (a bit) suspicious, lol. I always get the same reaction whenever Vertical Horizon holds a concert here. Having said that, I didn’t know who to ask to go with me to the concert, since I’m only active in the Asian pop scene’s fandoms, and it was a last minute decision. So off I went to the Mall of Asia Arena -solo flight- but came back home with a damn great experience with the new friends I met there.
I’m still reeling from the live, so I won’t be able to post a coherent write-up of events. So, here are just the primary reactions off the top of my head:
Danny The Script Live in Manila 2015
1. I’ve said this a million times, but I will say it again, I TOUCHED DANNY. Yes, his glistening shoulders. I’m saying this, because he was really, REALLY, glowing lol idek how to explain it properly. :)) Who would have ever thought that he would go up to the lower box section? Moreover, along our ROW. Like, OH.MY.GOD. YAAASSSSSSS. ❤ It was sad though, that some fans really tried to grab him and he even fell down, like against the railing of the lower box when someone jumped and hugged him so tight, causing him to lose his balance. I swear there was a second when he stopped singing and had that pained look on his face before continuing to walk.
Message to fans: If you really love your artists, YOU. DO. NOT. CAUSE. THEM. HARM.
2. PERFECT SETLIST. I was a bit disappointed because my other favorites, If You Ever Come Back and Talk You Down weren’t included, but hey, Before the Worst and The Man Who Can’t Be Moved (with its different, but beautiful arrangement) totally made up for it!
The Script Livein Manila 2015
3. Funny moments when Mark claimed to be Manny Pacquiao, put on boxing gloves, and punched Danny.
The Script Live in Manila
4. The cellphone lights. In J/KPop lives, we always have lightsticks. But in non-Asian concerts, apparently we don’t have. But there’s this cute culture when fans bring out their phones and start waving them in place of lightsticks, and it was the most beautiful sight. A sea of white, lol.
5. The fanservice. It was evident that the band members wanted the fans to have the best experience to bring home after the live. You can tell that by how they really mingled with the audience! Almost everybody in the VIP section had high fives from Danny. :)))) And let us not forget that trip to the lower box section! :))
6. The phone call. So before they performed Nothing, Danny asked the audience to call their (asshole) ex-girlfriends or boyfriends. Afterwards, he took this girl’s phone and spoke with the ex-boyfriend, telling him to stay on the line as the band performed Nothing, while still holding the girl’s phone. At the end of the performance, yep, the guy was still on the line! :))
The Script Live in Manila 2015
Lara and Aljon

My cousin, Aljon, by the way

7. New friends. I grew up making friends with a lot of people just by sharing the same love for music. *Shoutout to my J/KPop friends!* So again, this concert has done that for me today. ❤
8. The opening acts. First up was American singer Colton Avery. Then OPM band Silent Sanctuary. Both artists performed four songs each. I’m not a fan of either, but their songs were beautiful! ❤
I still have lots of memories from that day, but I’ll stop here. Bottom line: It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended! I hope they come back soon! 😀
Here’s the setlist, btw.
Paint the Town Green
Hail Rain or Sunshine
Before the Worst
We Cry
If You Could See Me Now
Man On A Wire
Good Ol days
Never Seen Anything Quite Like You
The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
You Won’t Feel A Thing
Six Degrees of Separation
It’s Not Right For You
The Energy Never Dies
For the First Time
No Good in Goodbye
Hall of Fame

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