Endless Reflection: The Gundam Wing 20th Anniversary Fanfiction and Fan Art Challenge


7 April 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Gundam Wing, the anime series that has amassed a huge following in the realms of fanfiction, fan art, doujinshi, and the likes over the years.

To commemorate this special occasion, two Gundam Wing fanfiction writers from fanfiction.net  came up with a fanfiction and fan art challenge, titled, “Endless Reflection.” This Challenge also aims to bring together the fanfiction writers and fan artists of the fandom for a reunion-sort-of-thing.  The proponents understand that some have already left the fandom (because life has a way of doing that ^_^) , so this will be a one-time thing, especially made for this occasion. Of course, new writers and artists are welcome, too!And lastly,  this is also the avenue to just reflect and look back at the good old days when just hearing the intro of Just Communicationmakes everyone giddy and all pumped up! 🙂

So, here’s the Mechanics of the Challenge:


1. Theme/Challenge: Choose a scene from Gundam Wing that had the most impact on you/the one that gave you a lasting impression or a scene that you can relate to the most. May it be from the anime series, movie, or manga; it’s your choice. Once you have chosen your scene make the character/character(s) of your choice reflect in some way or another over that moment in their life. How you do this is up to you. (i.e. They’re hallucinating back to that moment in time, PTSD (remember this is not restricted to the guys only, the girls were in the war as well), nightmares, dreams, take your pick or add your own twist. Keep in mind this is 10-15 years after the Eve Wars! 🙂

2. Open-genre

3. Open-pairing

4. Story setting: Must be 10-15 years after the Eve Wars

5. For one-shot fanfictions: Maximum of 5,000 words

6. For multi-chaptered fanfictions: Maximum of FIVE chapters

7. Fanfictions and fan arts must be created between April 7 and June 1, 2015.

8. Deadline of entries will be on June 1.

9. The compilation of all entries and the announcement of the winner of the fanfic challenge will be released and announced in August, respectively.

10. For fanfiction.net users: Publish the story/ies at fanfiction.net. Indicate in the story summary that this is for the Endless Reflection Challenge. For non-fanfiction.net users, send us your entries at gwerchallenge@gmail.com

11. For fan arts, send us your entries at gwerchallenge@gmail.com.

12. For updates, follow our twitter account: @GWERChallenge

13. Tumblr: GWEndlessReflectionChallenge.tumblr.com

Where the Entries will be Posted:

1. Aside from each writer’s accounts, fanfictions will also be placed in a new Community in fanfiction.net

2. Fanfictions and fan arts will be posted in our social media accounts and on DeviantArt

3. Fanfictions and fan arts will be compiled, and the PDF copy will be sent to participants and other readers, who would want a copy. 🙂

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