Happy 46th birthday, Hyde! :)

I rarely post nowadays, but I can’t let this day pass without posting about Hyde’s birthday! 🙂 You have no idea how long I’ve stared at the screen just to come up with the accurate words to describe or explain how grateful I am for his existence. Lol. So this simple post just boils down to this, and I’ll never get tired of saying it (I’ve been saying the same thing for like, a decade already):

Happy birthday, Hyde. I wish I can properly enumerate all the things about you that have influenced my life tremendously, but that will be time-consuming and the feels are just too much. Haha. But, really, thank God for bringing you into this world.

So much influence. So much inspiration. You’ve given me so much. I love you. ❤

Screenshot 2015-01-29 09.13.42

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