[Event] Vertical Horizon Live in Manila 2014


“But it’s not sooooo bad, you’re only the best I ever had~”


My Thursday (5 June 2014) was well-spent, especially because my day’s clincher was the concert of Vertical Horizon at Resorts World Manila. It’s their third time here, the first one was held on 7 December 2007 and the second one was on 28 April 2012. Yeah, I was there, too. Haha.

So! The band played to an almost-full Newport Performing Arts Theater, at least from my standpoint. They performed 13 songs, plus one in the encore.

Now aside from the band’s beautiful songs, what I love about their vocalist Matt Scannell is how he engages the crowd with his side stories. The guy is adorable. During the MC moments (in J-Pop terms, it’s just MC. So, k.), he was smiling the whole time, cracking jokes here and there, making fun of himself, and telling stories about how his songs came about. All of us in the theater, while laughing the whole time, then became a part of a fantasy chain (i’m talking symbolic convergence now waddup). Much like their last live here a couple of years ago, he revealed the food that he enjoyed during his stay here. In 2012 it was dalandan juice (not really a food but sshhhh), this time around it’s halo-halo. Haha.


3. I’m Still Here
4. Send It Up
5. Song for Someone
6. Save Me from Myself
7. Forever
8. Give You Back
9. We Are
10. Lovestruck
11. Broken Over You
12. Best I Ever Had
13. Everything You Want ❀
14. Encore: You’re a God

I’m not really familiar with the first two songs, I’m assuming that they’re from the new album since I haven’t bought a copy yet, so yeah? :)) Haha. Correct me if I’m wrong pls. :))))




Thank you, Ovation Productions, for bringing them here again! πŸ™‚


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