“He is everything you want, he is everything you need~”



Almost every person who grew up with me knows that Everything You Want is like my all-time favorite English song. It’s practically my national anthem. AND, Vertical Horizon is the only non-Asian band that I totally dig seeing live. Excited to see them again! ❤

Taking a trip down memory lane, I discovered the song and the band when my best boybud gave me a copy of this beautiful fanmade video tribute to Squall and Rinoa. And the rest is history, haha. This video’s a classic among fellow Final Fantasy VIII fans. I’ve met people who became fans of Vertical Horizon and the song because of this specific FFVIII tribute. 🙂

Also, the first song that I learned how to play in the guitar is their ballad Best I Ever Had. ❤

Check out the Final Fantasy VIII video tribute, as well as the official one below:



Timeless. ❤


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