[Event Report] blush Secrets & Confessions – BLUSH CONVENTION 2014


Earlier today the UP Balay Kalinaw (Ikeda Hall) trembled with non-stop screaming of fangirls and boys alike at the second Philippine BL Convention titled “blush Secrets & Confessions.”

Organized by the people behind the Lights Out events, the Blush Convention aims to bring together fans of the BL genre for a day of endless spazzing through a series of activities. And may I just say that they hit the prize on that one. It was amazing that such an underground or non-conventional genre received so much love in the Metro. While I have been in the fandom for a long time already and have known a number of fans, I still didn’t expect it to be that many. Yes, the closet fans finally came out of their holes. And they totally rock.

In the event, there were, as mentioned, a series of activities such as film showing, discussions on selected BL themes and where to buy BL merchandise, etc. There were also concessionaires who sold almost every stuff there was to fill the heart of every fujoshi or fudanshi. ❤ But of course the most anticipated was the Cafe session. Photos weren’t allowed to be taken inside the Cafe per se, so what happens inside the cafe stays in the cafe. For a hint, let’s just say that we had a really great time with the butlers.

And the sweets.

And the new friends.



My butler, ladies and gentlemen

Of course I wouldn’t have also enjoyed this event without my fan sisses, haha. It was great seeing Elaine and Ate Jobelle again. ❤


By the way, the second volume of the Blush Anthology is already out. Blush Anthology is an independently published book by the Blush Committee, which contains compilations of fan works (fanfics/fan arts) that revolve around the theme Secrets & Confessions. Now what I love about this is how the creativity of fans are showcased, which reinforces one of the discourses on fan studies that fans are also capable of producing their own works, and are not merely “cultural dopes of consumer capitalism” as said by Grossberg 1992.

The Blush Convention was well-organized despite a minor setback in the time management with regard to the Cafe session. Nevertheless, a job well done to the Blush Committee! And I’m looking forward to future events like this. ❤

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