random post

I don’t usually get sick. In fact I only get sick once a year, and it usually happens during the transition period from summer to the rainy season. It’s the usual sickness when the monsoon changes — horrible allergic cough and colds. But since last November I’ve been getting sick on and off; it’s terrible. Oddly, my cough and colds stopped temporarily when I was in Japan. Weird. It was winter over there when I visited, I should have gotten worse colds and all that, but noooo; I was too genki. Even my host okasama was surprised. But when I came back here in the Philippines everything came back. Plus I got three shots already for a totally different reason too. And I hate it.

I hate hospitals.

A lot.

It’s also not helping that I’m still unsure of what I’m doing with my term paper. For the first time ever I am really, really lost. I’m scheduled to present the research paper this coming Saturday, but I still have to propose a new topic this Tuesday. And it also doesn’t help that I’m not used to procrastinating. And I’ve got another research paper to present this week. And there’s also a final exam to prepare for. And I’m this close to surrendering for an INC. My first incomplete grade if ever. I’m losing hope.

Oh well.

Yesterday was a nice respite from everything, though. But I’ll prolly make a separate blog post about it. No way it’s gonna share a space with my whining in this post.

So now that I got everything out of my system…. back to work.

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