Gonna go to Japan! :)

I haven’t shared this “news” with a lot of friends, nor did I have any intention of announcing it publicly, which is weird considering that I have been a Japan-loving girl all of my life and then something like this remains a big secret. But just for documentation, yep, I’m going to Japan and I’m actually leaving tomorrow. 🙂

No, not for a concert. I wish.

I’ll be staying in Japan for 15 days (February 13-27), in Saitama to be exact, where my host family is. But I’ll be attending Meiji University in Tokyo. I got this privilege to be an exchange student thanks to Meiji University’s Winter Language Program Scholarship, and thanks to my school, too, for being a partner university.

Part of the reason why I didn’t go all-out in telling anyone, including close friends, perhaps was because I found the online test difficult. Hence over the sembreak I didn’t do anything — didn’t renew my passport, didn’t request for my tcg or true copy of grades, etc. I. DID. NOTHING. But lo and behold, I got a surprise email one day.


It was quite a shock, really. I wasn’t expecting anything. So I scrammed and got all necessary documents arranged and submitted on time to confirm my slot. Thankfully I managed to submit everything on time.

So I’ll be leaving tomorrow. While this may look like an exciting travel ’cause hello it’s Japan, I’m actually quite nervous more than anything. This will be my first time to travel without my family, to find my way around two prefectures with complicated train systems, to rely on a third language, etc. Nevertheless, I’ll just count on my luck and faith and pray that God will let me find my way (if I get lost, and I’m sure that I will), and just laugh at my misadventures later on. 🙂

Btw, in other Japan-related news, I also passed in the latest Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). I’m now certified N5! It’s a small achievement, but still an achievement for me nonetheless. At least it boosts my faith that I can at least speak basic Japanese in case I get lost. ^^

2014-02-12 19.42.51

4 thoughts on “Gonna go to Japan! :)

  1. Nkklk yung email. Pero mas nkklk ka. AHAHAHA. 😀 CONGRATS!
    I’m happy for youuuu! \o/ Mej nakakanerbyos nga, pero kaya mo yan! I believe in you. :DD Ikumusta mo na lang ako kay Hyde. Chosss. XD
    Ingat and enjoy ka dun! Uwian mo na lang ako ng bishie. :)))


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