[Final Fantasy] Nobuo Uematsu Coming to the Philippines?

The website Gamertotoy posted about the legendary musician Nobuo Uematsu doing a Pacquiao and went on to say that Square Enix has unofficially “announced” that they’re coming to the Philippines for the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert. Nothing more had been revealed, but the way the article was written implies that this could be taken seriously. That probably something is really brewing off-cam.

I LOVE Nobuo Uematsu. When I was still a Final Fantasy junkie in my elementary years, before I shifted to Japanese pop music, my music hero was Nobuo Uematsu. Back then, I used to save up for the Dear Friends Final Fantasy concert. I used to think it was hopeless ’cause they were just touring North America. But now, now that they’ve brought out this possibility, though it’s now called Distant Worlds, the kid inside me is jumping with joy.

The first time I heard an Uematsu song was in 2002, I was just 11 years old then. And here I am, 11 years later, still listening to his music. Like, always.

As far as the video gaming world and orchestra music are concerned, he needs no introduction. He is legendary. Phenomenal. The Final Fantasy games wouldn’t have been as memorable if it weren’t for his compositions. He gave life to it.

I hope this news will be official soon, ’cause I’m pretty sure that if this really happens, Square Enix will not just be fulfilling my childhood dream, but the others’ as well.

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