It’s been a week already since I met Joe Inoue at the J-MELO Fan Meet, but I am still reeling from the experience!

I’ve been an avid viewer of J-MELO since the show began in 2005, so it means a lot to me that they finally filmed in the Philippines!


Β melody. reads my letter on the first ever J-MELO Awards episode, dated December 22, 2007. Screenshot credits to nixenzo-san at http://www.Japinoy.com

As one of the lucky fans who received an email invite, I went to the Pacific Star Building, where Japan Foundation Manila is, with friends from L’Arc~en~Ciel Philippines, KAT-TUN Philippines, and UVERworld Philippines. And at 7:30PM sharp, Joe Inoue made his entrance.

Joe Inoue was so adorbs! Seriously, I wanted to put him in a box and take him home. He was witty, funny, and looked so down-to-earth by just dressing in shirt and shorts. He made the crowd crack with his crazy punchlines and antics. But at the same time, he wooed everyone with his impeccable live acoustic performance of “CLOSER.” Oh damn that deep and flawless voice.


After performing, we were given drinks for a toast. And bit by bit, Joe called out names from the attendance list for an interview. The interview was comprised by the typical question of “Who is your favorite JPop artist?” and “Tell us why.”

What’s fortunate with this question-and-answer portion was that all of us who were representing L’Arc~en~Ciel had been called. They Β took a shot of our #LArcMNL campaign shirt, too! I was the last one called for the interview, and ended up praising L’Arc~en~Ciel like they were the ones who created the sun. In a way they did, for me. When I was done, Joe Inoue was like, “Wow. Do you ace all your essays?” Goddamn I died right then and there with delight. It’s a pity though that I wasn’t able to name my other favorite JPop artists, since they were only asking for one.

Cover performances from the fans came up next in the program. Boy it was a feast! UP-Tomokai was there, as well as another organization from UST. The duo that performed the calmest Tokyo Jihen cover that I’ve seen was amazeballs, and Asterysk, too!

After the covers, we filmed a bit for J-MELO’s upcoming awarding episode. And finally, everyone went in line for a photo op with Joe Inoue.

It was a memorable experience. I’ve come this close to J-MELO, from having my letters read (another letter of mine was read in 2009) to being interviewed. I couldn’t be any happier.

The J-Pop fandom community was awesome, too. Despite representing different artists, everybody was clapping and cheering and having a good time no matter what the song was. It’s one of the reasons why I’m still sticking around in the community — friendships forged here are priceless. Nobody can understand your craziness other than these people, yes?

I really do hope that J-MELO will come back here, and that L’Arc~en~Ciel will be able to watch our Philippine episode. Better yet, why not bring L’Arc~en~Ciel here next time? πŸ™‚


Thank you, Joe Inoue! Thank you, J-MELO! Thank you, NHK! Thank you, Japan Foundation Manila! Thank you, JPop friends! β™₯

2 thoughts on “[Event Report] NHK J-MELO FANMEET IN MANILA

    • Hi there! They send emails through . But if you want to participate in their projects or polls or research, it’s best if you head over to their homepage at the NHK website. πŸ™‚


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