[Event Report] HERE WE ARE: The BoA Philippines First Fan Gathering

Cross-post. Written by Yours Truly for BoA Philippines. Yes, BoA PH is now on Tumblr! So head over there to get your daily fix of BoA goodness.

The Korean fandom may have been alive, kicking, and dispersed last 6 July 2013 due to Lee Minho’s concert and EXO’s album launch.  But that did not stop loyal fans of BoA from getting together for BoA Philippines’ first gathering.

Titled “HERE WE ARE: The BoA Philippines First Gathering”, fans of K-Pop Queen BoA got together on a fine Saturday afternoon at the Blue Banded Family KTV in Ortigas. Not only was the gathering a big deal due to it being the fan club’s first gathering, but it was also made special by the efforts of fans to attend despite living outside Metro Manila and having other fandom affairs.


The event started out with the distribution of membership cards and BoA PH shirts to those who signed up to be official members.  At exactly 2PM, the program proper began. Aptly titled “My Name”, the first activitiy was an icebreaker, which asked for the attendees to introduce themselves by sharing their name, age, work/school, history of how they became a BoA fan, etc.  This was then followed by the classic icebreaker game, “Human Bingo.” After a few minutes of going around and asking people to sign, Lexie emerged as the winner!


For the next activity, attendees were asked to get a piece of paper each from the host (ehem, Yours Truly). Each paper contained either a “VALENTI” or a “MY NAME” scribble. Yes, for the groupings.

For the VALENTI grouping, there was Lexie, Ace, Kuya Dom, and Kuya Jorge. For the My Name grouping, it was an all-girl cast with Avii, Geezee, Dan, and Doris.

The next game was another classic fandom game of charades — with a BoA twist. The attendees were to act out titles of BoA’s songs, and no, not just her English-titled songs, but also her songs with their Japanese and Korean titles! Plus points for the actors who knew the choreography of the songs! My personal favorite was Kuya Jorge’s acting for “BUMP! BUMP!” wherein he was literally chest-bumping me for that bounce-bounce effect, while Ate Avii was suave in dancing “EIEN.”   After two rounds of acting and guessing, the MY NAME group won!


Next up was another classic game of Arrange Yourselves. Again, with a BoA twist. We played the game before in my other fandom, which everyone enjoyed. So why not play it here, too? In the end, the MY NAME group won again.

Of course, what would a BoA gathering be without the BoA Quiz? As always, our gamemaster Leni who is currently in the land of KPOP, created the questions with me adding about five more and pitching in an “Introdon” portion. Yep, the guess-the-song-after-playing-the-intro-for-one-second type. The questions weren’t easy. Sample? Try this one: [Guess the song] “This song’s music video had BoA running around everywhere holding a letter and standing on a carousel while singing.” Got that one?  After 20 questions, the MY NAME group won again!

After the games, food was served, courtesy of Kuya Dom. Our menu: Japchae, Mixed sushi, Sprite, and Coca-Cola. I am telling you, the Japchae tastes divine.


As we were devouring our merienda, we punched in our favorite karaoke songs codes and started the karaoke party!


The reporters of GoKpop.com joined in at this time, as well, and I was honestly happy that they also know BoA’s old songs. We also had some Dong Bang Shin Ki and So Nyeo Shi Dae songs here and there, since most of us girls are also Cassies at heart, while the boys hilariously formed an impromptu TTS cover group.


As the event drew a close, we gave away the prizes for the winners and distributed the keychain souvenirs. We raffled off a few BoA PH merch, as well, such as the BoA tattoo foldable fan, BoA PH notepads, and a VALENTI (CD+DVD) album.




Just when you thought that after settling our bills with the KTV bar, we would then hug each other goodbye and go our separate ways. Well, no. Turns out, we all headed off to SM Megamall afterwards for an interview with GoKpop.com and also for early dinner and further spazzing. 

It is not for us staff members to say if the event was a success or not, for only the attendees can claim such a thing. But it was really rewarding to read some of the posts and feedbacks on our social media sites. Thank you, thank you.

In our next events, we hope to see you all again and new faces, as well. So that together, we’ll show BoA that Filipino fans are here — alive and kicking! 🙂


For more photos of the gathering, head over to https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.361538953974829&type=1

And for your daily KPop news fix, visit GoKpop!


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