Open Book with Missing Pages

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Yesterday, I went to the first ever BoA PH gathering!  A lot of fellow Jumping attended the event. It was my first time actually meeting fellow Jumpings (here and abroad) and the experience was really so amazing!!! Definitely one of the best memories I’ll ever have!

Above is a tarpauline we set up at the meeting place because it can’t be an actual BoA gathering without it. Hihi! I was shocked that they actually have one, to be honest!

That’s when I realized that these people might be as hardcore as me. Muwahahahaha!


Anyway, the first thing we did was introduce ourselves as we tell the story of how we became BoA fans. Most of the people present know each other from a while back already so it’s pretty much me and Ace (a fellow Jumping from Cavite! What are the chances, right! He lives around Bacoor too!!! Oh gosh!)…

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