[J-Rock] #UVERworld Philippines: Fansign Project

UVERworld fans, heads up! UVERworld Philippines has something for you!
As posted from the Facebook page of UVERworld PhilippinesΒ :
“For UVERworld’s upcoming anniversary, we’re asking everyone to participate on the FANSIGN Project (aside from the postcard project). This will be UVERworld Philippines first project. (just came up with this idea while making the postcard) xDSo here’s how:

— Just take a picture of yourself holding a paper, banner, board, card or anything where you can write the message stating:

“Happy Anniversary, UVERworld! Please come to Philippines.”

— After taking your pictures, send it to:
< uverworldph@yahoo.com >

As simple as that!

— Deadline of Submission: MAY 31, 2013

— We’re gonna collect and print your pictures, and we’ll send it to UVERworld via snail mail.

It’s time to act guys! That’s why we really need your full cooperation on this, especially to all Filipino UVERworld and Jrock fans. The more pictures/fansign, the better. We have to let them know they have fans here, and that Philippines loves UVERworld. And this project is just easy, so hopefully you can participate.

Please spread!”



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