[Korea/Japan] BoA New Face of the United Colors of Benetton; New Japanese Single; New Title for COBU 3D

The following news or information had already been released last week, but I was at a blogging hiatus at that time, and my WordPress is lacking BoA news lately.

BoA has been really active lately in both Korea and Japan,  including wrapping up the second season of KPOPSTAR and releasing and performing the  “Only One” [Japanese] single and posing for the May 2013 issue back of Vogue Japan.

But the number one thing that I’m really giddy about is her being signed as the 10th face of the spring campaign of the United Colors of Benetton. She was chosen among all the other Asian celebrities for her staying power and influence as one of the pioneers of Hallyu. This is really great promotion for her! More so, we can only hope that we’ll get to see her in the Benetton billboards in the country. Even better, they can just bring her here! Wishful thinking, I know. But it’s a really hard, strong wish.

Another thing that excited me among her activities is the release of another single in Japan! Titled, “Tail of Hope,” this song will be released sometime in May and is currently being used for a Japanese drama, whose title I completely forgot. Based from the previews and the short version of it in the drama, it’s the kind of upbeat BoA tune that I automatically liked after hearing it for the first time. It’s got a refreshing, bouncy, sunny, optimistic feel that can bright up your day — a deviation from the much serious sounds of her previous singles, “Only One,” “MILESTONE,” and “I See Me.” Yes, definitely preordering this one.

Lastly, I’m not really giddy with this one but it deserves a shout-out nonetheless. As we all fans know, her long overdue Hollywood film “COBU 3D” has been postponed many times, its hype dying along with  every delay. And after much delays, postponement, comes a change in the movie title itself. I KNOW; frustrating, right? So apparently, based from the Tweets from the production staff of the film, the title has been changed to “Make Your Move.”


Honestly, if you were to ask me, “COBU” has a better effect than “Make Your Move.” Furthermore, more scenes were shot for the film, including another so-called steamy scene between BoA and Derek. I don’t care anymore, just release the damn film already. If they’re not ready in the first place, then they should not have aired the trailer already nor made a bazillion hype about it.

For more BoA updates and if anyone wants to see her latest photo shoots, just head over to the Facebook page of BoA Philippines: https://www.facebook.com/BoAPhilippines?ref=hl

Join our Facebook Group, as well, for more spazzing: https://www.facebook.com/groups/222601571201902/

Photo credits to BoA Philippines and allkpop.com.


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