[K-Pop] My Short Answer to a Short K-Pop Survey

A friend asked me to answer a survey that they’ve been conducting regarding the popularity of K-Pop in the Philippines. And one of the questions there revolves around the lines of, “If you don’t answer the songs, then why are you still listening to K-Pop?”

While answering the survey, it just dawned on me just how much the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese songs have been such integral parts of my life. Lol chos.

So here’s my pretty short answer to the question:

“The very first thing that caught my attention in K-Pop was the music video production. At that time, K-Pop was prolific with music videos having short stories that blend well with the melody of the song. That started it all. So its initially because of the high quality production of the music videos and its capability for effective storytelling.

Later on, I was then amazed at the talent of the singers. I started with Rain and BoA. Their forte is dancing. After watching a few of their live performances, at that time I didn’t think I have ever seen a singer dance to a hardcore choreography and still manage to sing LIVE. I was really amazed, especially at BoA.

Prior to being a K-Pop fan, I was already a hardcore J-Pop and C-Pop fan for ever since I can remember. So listening to songs that I can’t understand isn’t new to me. It doesn’t matter that the songs are not in English or Tagalog. A song is comprised by two factors: the lyrics (words) and the music itself (melody). If I’m only judging the whole song because of its lyrics alone, then I should have just listened to a “Panabayang Bigkas.” :)) Chos.

And I think that’s also a factor why J/K/CPop songs are even more precious. Because you get to appreciate the music for itself. And the wonder stems from there. Somehow those notes manage to cross all boundaries, overwhelm your senses, and just… make you feel different. Am I making sense? Haha. Just that, it’s amazing how music can elicit so much emotions without any need for words.


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