[K-Pop] BoA is the Only One

The Queen of Korean pop music is back. And she slayed all the charts and newbies with a snap.

Of course I’m talking about none other than Asia’s Star, BoA Kwon.

Last 22 July 2012, SME released “Only One,” the title track of her 7th Korean studio album with the same title, as well as its “Dance version” music video. And after a few hours of being released, “Only One” sky-rocketed to the number one position in ALL of S. Korea’s online charts — an “all-kill.”

What do you expect? It’s BoA.

cr. SMTOWN Facebook page

It’s been two years since the release of BoA’s 6th album. That was why every one of us in the fandom waited excruciatingly for July 22.

There as much hype about the title track since it’s the comeback of K-Pop’s royalty, and also because she wrote the lyrics AND composed the music. And “Only One” sure as hell did NOT disappoint. In fact, it exceeded everybody’s expectations.

Just by watching the Dance MV alone, you will be blown away with just how GREAT BoA is in dancing, pair that up with her strong vocals, and the beautiful song, and you’ll see just how much of an artist she is.

No, really. Watch it yourself. The CHOREOGRAPHY is BADASS. And I’m 100% sure that when she performs this live, her strong vocals will blow you away, as well, because NO ONE in Korea could PERFORM like her — singing powerfully AND dancing with HARCORE choreography.

And just a note, her older brother directed BOTH of “Only One”‘s MVs.

I’m really happy with this release. Really. It’s the perfect song for new K-Pop fans to listen to if they want to see how awesome BoA is. Since I know a lot of new fans aren’t really fond of digging up the old videos of veteran artists, and since I really want to forget that Hurricane Venus happened, “Only One” is the IT.

What I also loved about “Only One” is how it’s unlike her dance-pop releases. This has a touch of R&B and melancholic lyrics. A REFRESHING release in the midst of the autotuned hook song-trendy dance shiz going on in South Korea lately. “Only One” actually reminds me of her Japanese song “EIEN.” And if you LOVE “EIEN”, you’d LOVE “Only One” for sure.

Having said that, I think BoA has found her true style. I mean, if you’ve been following her, you’ll notice that she’s more into composing R&B-flavored songs. This kind of style suits her and she’s really enjoying it. And I also love it. I really love that it’s different now from the generic dance tracks in Korea in recent years.

cr. BoA’s House

AND…. What’s also good about the “Only One” album is that the ALBUM tracks are top-notch, as well. Here’s the tracklist:

1. Only One
2. The Shadow
3. Hope
4. Not Over U
5. The Top
6. Mayday! Mayday!
7. One Dream

My personal favorites among the album songs are: Not Over U, Hope, and Mayday! Mayday!.

I really do hope that a lot of K-Pop fans will listen to this album. It’s the gem of 2012, alongside Shinhwa’s “THE RETURN” and Big Bang’s “ALIVE” — the top 3 best records of K-Pop this year, IMHO.

In other news, her comeback show will be on Saturday wherein the first live TV performance of “Only One” will be aired. And yeah, you know it, Yunho will be BoA’s pair in the couple dance. AND her comeback stage will be on Sunday at SBS Inkigayo.

cr. BoAjjang

Oh and the limited edition of her new album is HUGE. It’ll be so worth the money.

cr. BoA’s twitter


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