Final Fantasy music — my childhood.

This video was shared to me by my good friend. As a kid who grew up playing and worshipping the Final Fantasy games, this video actually brought tears to my eyes.

We all know how majestic the Final Fantasy games are. The FF games have kick-ass stories, characters, game play, etc., that never fail to blow us away. But what sets the Final Fantasy games apart from others is the soundtrack. The music of the Final Fantasy games can totally make us so engaged into playing even more, gives life and soul to the game sequences, and offers a different gaming experience.

The first and last time I played Final Fantasy VIII was eight years ago when I was about 11 or 12 years old. And until now, whenever I hear, let’s say “Balamb Garden,” a wave of nostalgia floods my senses and takes me back to the time when I first put FFVIII in the PlayStation1.

And we owe that to the god that is Nobuo Uematsu (I need not write about who he is, just watch the video).

I remember writin my bucket list when I was in elementary school. Some of my most desired wishes were: “To Meet the Creators of Final Fantasy,” “To Meet Nobuo Uematsu,” and “To watch a Final Fantasy Orchestra Concert.”

And until now, I still hope for it to happen.


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