College Testimonials + Gackt’s PV Preview for “Graffiti”

For our yearbook, we are tasked to ask for testimonials from whoever we want to. And the testimonials, collectively, should not exceed 300 words. So here’s what my college friends have to say about me:

Celestine: Wala nang mas tataba pa sa’yo dito sa puso ko.

Kuya/Mother Aaron: Some daughters are born great, others are born to conquer. (Beautiful mother is proud. ♥)

Kenneth: Lara is one of the most trustworthy and loyal people I know. She’s been there since our first year in Baguio and I suspect she’ll still be there beyond college years.

Consider yourself lucky if she opens up with you. Love you, Pot!

Chris: One of the most die-hard fans of the FF series with a proud and kind heart. Love you second sister larah!

Luigi: Ayelle is fiercely loyal and protective. Love you Shaniqua!

Lora: I consider Ate Lara as my older sister and I love the fact that we share common hobbies & interests.

Revo: If you need a dedicated person, especially in fangirling, it has to be Lara.

Colleen: ‘Wag kakalimutan mag-bra ‘pag sa office na. Magpakatao na tayo. Labyu bichesa!

Elai: Laralabs, ikaw ang kakampi ko sa panlalait, pambibitch at pagmamalandi. Mamimiss kita sobra. Labyuuu.

Shy <3: A woman between simplicity and perfection. You’ll surely love her.

Tricia: Di kumpleto college life sa UPB kung (di) magsusuot ng belt at bra. Labyu Partner!

Memeng: Lara is love. Lara is awesome. Lara is real-iable. Lara is an angel. I love you Lara!

Gail: A sweet, caring, beautiful girl inside and out. Just don’t mess with her friends.

Joshie: Lara is the bubbliest Journmate and most down-to-earth person I have ever known. She is addicted to pink, a fangirl, and knows how to share. To her, I feel like family because “nobody gets left behind.”

Kent: This fangirl is hard and fierce, but definitely 100% sweet.

Kuya Francis: Every adventure with Lara is worth remembering… Ah yes, and the things she can do for her friends are just amazing.

Hihi. Thanks guys! 😀

In other news, the PV preview for Gackt’s upcoming single “Graffiti” is already out! Check it out below!



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