[K-Pop] Wonder Girls’ Comeback!

Wonder Girls! 🙂 Four years ago, WG beat SNSD’s 1st album promotions with “Tell Me.” Let’s see now if they can still do it again. :)) WG vs SNSD again! ♥

To be honest, I actually have this love-hate relationship with the Wonder Girls. Back when they debuted in 2007, I loved them a lot. Loved them with “Irony” until they released “Tell Me,” which began the trendy dance/hook songs in K-Pop — the trend that everyone knows of today. At that time I enjoyed it a lot, especially with their follow-up song “Eebabo” (my favorite Wonder Girls song to date).

Moving on, they released a bunch more releases and we now end up with “Nobody” that completely went viral. It even reached our Philippine shores, much to my surprise. The girls went on to perform that song for more than 1000 times over the next two years or so.

That’s when I started to dislike them.

Back then I enjoyed the trendy dance because it was something new to K-Pop. Little did I know that it will be the start of something that will lead to K-Pop like this. For the past two years I’ve been cringing whenever I hear the Wonder Girls or “Nobody.” Because like I said, I blame them and JYP for this current trend in K-Pop.

HOWEVER, when they released this photo and their comeback again I was surprisingly really, really excited about it. Maybe because I found the love I used to have for them? Or maybe because they’re part of the era of K-Pop that I used to enjoy and love? It’s like seeing your cousins that you used to play with when you were kids a couple of years after being apart.

Welcome back, Wonder Girls! 🙂

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