Yamapi and Ryo Leave NEWS

Just when I was about to write about some personal shiznit feelings, this news came in from my fangirl friends:

Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo, members of the popular idolgroup NEWS announced today through their agency Johnny’s that they are withdrawing from the group.

Yamashita will continue with his solo projects, Nishikido will continue as a member of Kanjani8. Koyama Keiichirou, Katou Shigeaki, Tegoshi Yuya and Masuda Takahisa will continue as NEWS, now a 4-member group.

From: http://news-jpop.livejournal.com/6394004.html


When I read that, I instantly cried. Until now, I’m still crying. Oh for those who do not know, NEWS is a six-member group from male idol factory Johnny’s Entertainment. And mind you, ALL of their singles since their debut have topped the Oricon Charts. Β They debuted in 2004, and I’ve been fangirling them since 2005. </3

My fangirl friends and I have all been waiting in like, forever, for any new release from them — a single, mini album, ALBUM, tour, or what. ANYTHING. We’ve been waiting for a long time. Their last single “FIGHTING MAN” was released like a year ago? It’s only been a year, fine, but still during that time and their “Sakura Girl” era, their promotions have become less and less. And while the other Johnny’s groups are all actively releasing new material, only NEWS was left stagnant.


To be honest, we kind of had it coming. The foul stench of disbandment had already been circulating in the fandom since YamaPi began his solo promotions, and Ryo who is also busy promoting with his other group Kanjani8. But you know, they’ve been doing that for YEARS already. And everytime they’re done with their activities, they always end up going back to their original group NEWS to promote. So like I said, it’s been YEARS already. Why falter now?

I’m sure that the two have their reasons and as a fan I don’t want to judge them, but what can I do? I’m sad right now. So forgive me for hating on Pi and Ryo right now. Later on when I’ve calmed down and the two have made comments regarding their withdrawal from the group, maybe I’ll find it in my heart to try to understand them.

I’m frustrated. I love NEWS. I LOVE THEM. Add to that the fact that my favorite groups are all disbanding.Β  Or has members who left. Think TVXQ, Fahrenheit, and KAT-TUN. What’s next then? BIGBANG? GOD FORBID, NO.


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