[J-Rock] L’Arc~en~Ciel Sapporo Setlist Surprises!

I know I posted something weeks ago in Tumblr about my Laruku boys always performing the same songs over and over in their concerts, and much of their kick-ass older hits are neglected. So I was expecting some new surprises in the list when they kicked off their 20th L’Anniversary Tour because, you know, it’s their L’Anniversary tour so their setlists should pretty much also have the old songs.

So when they began their tour, Laruku had always been performing the “frequently played songs” again, while adding some at least one least played song, much to my delight, such as “In the Air,” “Farewell,” “Nexus4,” “Kasou (L’Acoustic)”, and the 2011 songs “GOOD LUCK MY WAY” and “XXX.”

Their Sapporo lives were actually held this past weekend and I’ve got to say that it has the best setlist from this tour so far! I WAS LIKE “JESUS CHRIST THANK YOU SO MUCH!”


See here, in Day 1 the latest additions to their their usual setlist that made me wild are “NEO UNIVERSE” and “GARASUDAMA.”  “BLESS” was included as well but I don’t really fancy that song, so… XD  Goodness gracious, imagine them playing “DUNE,” *skips REVELATION*, “Garasudama,” “forbidden lover,” and “MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM” continuously I can’t even.

And for Day 2? They had “Farewell,” “HEAVEN’S DRIVE,” “Dune,” “As if in a Dream,” “fate,” “Kaze no Yukue,” “Anemone,” and “winterfall” in just ONE concert! DO YOU KNOW JUST HOW MUCH WIN IS WRITTEN ALL OVER THAT SETLIST?!  BEST SETLIST SO FAR IN YEARS, I SWEAR TO GOD. I WISH “NEO UNIVERSE” and “GARASUDAMA” were also played in this concert, but that would be too awesome shit.

Now I’m just praying, hoping, wishing for snow drop to be performed live in FULLagain. Not in a medley please. If snow drop and fate, my all-time favorite Laruku songs, will be played in one concert, now THAT will be automatically be the BEST for me. The last time they performed the two songs in one concert was in 1999, so imagine the drought. 😦


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