Ceres (Ayashi no Ceres)

Ceres (Ayashi no Ceres)


I am frequently asked why I always choose laraceres14 as my username/alias or whatever. Actually, it’s only pretty much about the use of the name “Ceres.” Even my ex-professor asked me why I keep on using Ceres, when it’s not even my real name. My college friends, too, were surprised that I’m not using Lara Ceres to annoy our classmate Lara Cerys. LOL.

For the record, Ceres is not my real name. Only Lara is. And 14 is my birthday.

I fancied the name Ceres ever since I was in Grade 2 — back when I was helping my older sister on her astronomy project. I learned that the biggest asteroid’s name is Ceres, and has a diameter of 950 km. On that same year, I read that Ceres is also the name of the Roman Goddess of Agriculture. Ah, goddess! 🙂

The frustration of wanting it to be my actual name, though, wasn’t until three years later. In 5th grade, I got to watch Yuu Watase’s anime “Ayashi no Ceres” and I helplessly fell in love with it (as expected from a Yuu Watase creation). The goddess there was named Ceres. In the anime, she was the epitome of a perfect woman — beautiful, powerful, loving, kind-hearted, smart, fierce, etc. And from then on, it has become a frustration. I seriously asked my parents to have it included in my birth certificate and all, but of course they refused.

Today, eight years later, I still use laraceres14. I don’t know, just to have a tie from my crazy, fangirl self when I was a kid. Haha.




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