Harry Potter: End of a childhood.

Time to deviate from the usual Japanese/Korean posts. Let me post something British-related for now.

I am a Harry Potter fan. Though I do not spazz about it like the others or what, I still rank myself as one of those die-hards (even if I don’t look like it). I remember reading the first two books even before the movie was released and got all famous when I was 9 or 10 years old (10-11 years ago). When the Sorcerer’s Stone film was released, which led to the intense merchandise selling, my parents bought me almost everything there was — bags, uno cards, hats, etc. Furthermore, I rarely rewatch films. But I got to say that Sorcerer’s Stone is still my most rewatched film (or is it Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)?

Needless to say, I grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I was about their age when I first read about them entering Hogwartz. And because of that, I had this immense attachment to the whole book series.

I watched the last fim (Deathly Hallows Part 2) two weeks ago, and I was crying for the whole two hours of the film. Gawd, even the trailers and other random videos of its end can already have me blowing on tissues.

When Harry Potter ended, I knew that a huge part of my childhood also came to an end. But I guess, that’s reality. There’s always an end to everything. So right now, with this post, let me just formally say goodbye to one of the most memorable “memories” of my childhood. Thank you, JK Rowling. 🙂

Oh and here’s the video that I watched minutes ago, which made me write this post.

*Forgive the incoherentness. Too tired to reread and proofread

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