[Philippines/Japan] July: Philippine-Japan Friendship Month!

Even though I’m from Manila, this article will only focus on the events in Baguio since this is where I’m currently studying. Here goes!

July 23 marks the 55th year of friendship between the Philippines and Japan. To commemorate the Friendship Day between the two countries, the Japan Embassy, in cooperation with the Japan Foundation Manila (JFM) and other co-organizers, prepared a culture exchange program of activities in July.

Activities and events that showcase Japanese culture are to be held at various provinces in the Philippines from Baguio City up to Davao City. The theme for this year is β€œOver the Milky Way.”

In Baguio City, the celebrations kicked off with the screening of twelve Japanese films on June 27 which will last up to July 15. The films will be aired, for free, at the University of the Philippines Baguio, University of Baguio, Saint Louis University, the University of the Cordilleras, Benguet State University.

There was also the second Tanabata Matsuri (Star Festival), held on July 8, where attendees had their wished written on strips of paper and hung them on bamboo trees. Β Another highlight of the event was the attendees who cosplayed characters from animes, such as Prince of Tennis.

A photo exhibit, on the other hand, also began on July 8 which will last up to July 30. The exhibit will show the culture exchange between Japan and the Philipines with the featured landscape photographs from both countries. Filipino photographer Kidlat de Guia displayed fifteen photos that he took in Japan, while Japanese photographer Yasuhiko Naoi displayed fifteen photos that he took in the Philippines.

Photos that showed the earthquake and tsunami-stricken areas of Japan and a film showing about their culture will be presented at the Baguio museum. Those who will visit the Baguio museum may donate for the benefit of the Tohoku region victims.


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