[K-Pop] Hara & Junhyung Dating —- So what?

Early this morning before going to school, my housemate Kenneth showed me a photo.


My first reaction was “Ooooh, they’re dating? Nice.”  And then I went out.  When I came home hours later, I saw a LOT of rants in my social networking sites and from other fan sites, as well. Lo and behold, the hot issue was KARA’s Hara and B2ST’s Junhyung confirmation that they’re dating!

I saw a bunch of fans hating on Hara and take note, they’re KARA and B2ST fans. After reading the pathetic and immature comments, I was once again reminded of the incident when Se7en and SHINee’s Jonghyun confirmed their relationships with fellow celebrities. Se7en lost about 10,000 fans in his official fan club and we all know about the hatin’ on Jonghyun last time.

So what am I getting at?  Dear fans, let your idols get a life and let them be happy. Your idols are not public properties. And sad to say it, they won’t marry you. Let them date who they want to date, let them marry who they want to marry. It’s your job as fans to support them in whatever that makes them happy. If you start bashing and hating on the people they love, do you think that your idols will be happy with that? No, right? They will be twice as happy when they know that their fans start loving their loved one. And quit the crap that you’ll celebrate when they break up.

It’s just sad when the fans become the haters. And it’s funny, only the fangirls are overreacting and hating Goo Hara.

I understand the feeling. I love Se7en, Jonghyun’s my SHINee bias, I felt sad at first when I heard about them being in a relationship. But I didn’t reach the point of hating their girlfriends. I mean come on, who are we to meddle with their love life? We’re fans! 🙂 Get me?

Okay, that’s all. Just needed to get this out of my system. I just hate it when these immaturity starts popping out and everything gets overblown. K. Night. 🙂


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